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HICON Audio Connectors

XLR Connectors

The HICON connectors are very well received in the audio and industry sector. Our customers value the straightforward design, the high quality and the fair pricing structure. The “Designed in Germany“ XLR connectors of the PRO series HI-XCM3 and HI-XCF3 are very robust, excellently crafted, they have a reliable 6-jaw chuck strain relief and are quick and very easy to solder.

The standard strain relief (for cable Ø from 4.0 mm to 8.5 mm / 0.16“ to 0.34“) offers important benefits over other systems:

• The strain relief force is about twice as high as in conventional systems while going easy on the cable!

• Even with large cable diameters the force of the chuck jaws is spread over a larger area, whereas with other connectors the soft PVC of the microphone cable is often squeezed out at the side.

For cable diameters < 4 mm / 0.157“ please add the HI-XSR40 strain relief to your order. The HI-X3CM-G and HIX3CF-G versions come with both strain reliefs to handle any cables with a diameter from 2.0 mm to 8.5 mm (0.08“ to 0.34“). Ideal for a flexible on-site assembly with installations! New to our product line are the economically priced, very compact BASIC versions HI-X3CM-V and HI-X3CF-V for the assembly of budget audio cables, featuring a standard 3-jaw chuck strain relief, a nickel-plated or black, non-conductive metal shell, a robust plastic cap and a transparent ring for subsequent labelling.

We offer you a 5-year warranty on HICON XLR connectors.

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Jack Connectors

Jack plugs have to meet a lot of very diverse requirements. While the guitarist prefers a heavy and robust connector, the studio technician needs a small, inconspicuous plug that won’t consume too much space on the densely populated patchbays.

Especially popular with guitar players is the black American-style HICON HI-J63M04 which can easily take a thick guitar cable or also a speaker cable with a large diameter. It is fitted with a robust continuous pin and a dependable clamping strain relief. Because of their low contact resistances the HICON HI‑J63M and HI-J63M03 jack plugs are often used for high-end guitar cables.

A true highlight is the TRICONE XXL jack plug HI-J63TC-SM for the easy and fast solderless DIY installation, perfect for all on-site assemblies.

The new HICON HI-J63MP-B and HI-J63SP-B jack plug offers the same quality which not only makes its “big brother“ HI-J63M or the stereo version HI-J63S unique, but also has a standard 3-chuck strain relief instead of the 4-chuck version typical of HICON. The shell is non-conductive, the gold tip has been cut out, and instead of the metal cap we use a robust plastic cap.

Furthermore, the new jack plugs feature transparent rings for subsequent labelling or color coding.

We offer a 5-year warranty on all HICON jack connectors!

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Mini Jack Connectors

The 3.5 mm / 1/8" mini jack connectors are used in countless compact devices like MP3 players, sound cards, body packs etc.

The HICON range offers a variety of different versions with these special features:

  • with screw lock for mobile applications (e. g. bodypacks)
  • with wide cable gland (for twin cables and/or thick cables)
  • with chuck strain relief (for high tensile forces)
  • with 6.3 mm / 1/4" screw adapter (for headphones etc.)
  • 90° angled

All versions have a real gold-plated continuous pin and come with a 5-year warranty.

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RCA/Phono Connectors

When buying connectors, it's always advisable to purchase brand quality, because poor connectors often have high contact resistances and bad attenuation values which defeat the benefits of a good cable.

Features of quality connectors:

•           Proper gold-plating or coating (low-cost connectors often have only a lacquer finish!)

•           A continuous pin with no gaps caused by a rivet, pressing etc.

•           Low contact resistances

The HICON HI-CM09, ­HI‑CM13 and HI‑CM18 RCA/phono connectors have a collet lock fixture to ensure an optimal contact. Slightly unscrew the housing, insert the phono plug into the jack and then rotate the housing backward again (with HI-CM09 forward). The plug is held so firmly in place that it will come off only after unscrewing the housing.

Owing to the high quality of the HICON RCA/phono series HICON includes a 5-year warranty on these connectors!

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Banana Plugs and Cable Lugs

The Elektrolabor banana plug developed by the Hirschmann company GmbH back in 1926 is regarded as the predecessor of the modern banana plugs which owe their name to their banana-shaped leaf-spring tip.
To this day, the 4 mm / 0.16” version can be found in almost all premium-grade hi-fi loudspeaker connections. The HICON fork-type cable lugs provide an optimal clamp connection to your loudspeaker terminals.

All HICON banana connectors and cable lugs are real gold-plated and guarantee lowest contact resistance values.

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Optical Toslink

The TOSLINK connector was developed in 1983 by the Toshiba company (TOShiba-LINK).

This is a connection standard for optical signal transmissions of up to 20 Mbit/s which is used today to connect digital audio signals in the studio and home sector, e. g. to link Blu-ray, DVD and CD players or game consoles to home cinema/dts receivers or else with ADAT systems in the studio.

The 3.5 mm / 1/8“ mini plug is another FOC plug variant in the 3.5 mm / 1/8“ mini jack plug size which allows e. g. to tap multi-channel home cinema signals from certain devices (such as notebooks).

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