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HICON Fiberoptic/Data Connectors


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this is what you get with the HICON HI-FIBER connector, for it fits all 4-fiber cables, and with a little practice you can do your own on-site repairs. Our road-proof HICON HI-FIBER connecting system is based on 4 LC fiber-optic lines protected by a robust, compact metal housing technology. It consists of a cable plug and a panel-mount socket in the compact D flange format which can also be used as a universal cable coupler for extensions (cascading). With this socket you can also link the HICON HI-FIBER system with a maximum of 4 conventional LC cables (or alternatively two LC-Duplex lines) and connect it to existing LC systems or LC/ST or LC/SC adapters – simply plug in the LC and you’re ready to go.

The HI-FIBER4-MC connector can be equipped with a maximum of 4 LC connectors which are assembled and pushed into the quad fixture after inserting the cable. The protective cap and a spring-loaded protection sleeve will protect the sensitive fiber system from dirt and damages. Use the indentation to insert the cable plug correctly into the socket and lock it by pushing the lock ring forward. For the strain relief and cable sleeve support we use the proven standard cable screw joint (M16 x 1.5) which easily accepts all common 4-fiber cable gauges from 5 to 9 mm / 0.2” to 0.35” (patent applied for). If you know already how to assemble LC connectors, you can also finish the HI‑FIBER4‑MC yourself. However, we advise you to attend our reasonably-priced half-day seminars on the SOMMER premises where you will not only take a certificate back home, but also learn some practical tricks and tool recommendations. With your certification you will be automatically admitted to our HI-FIBER support network which users can access on our website, e. g. in case of an emergency on the site.

Suitable 4-fiber cables for installation (PE, LSZH) and mobile applications (PUR, PMB) can be found under “Bulk Cables – Various“ in our online shop. We also offer fully premade HI-FIBER systems in the sections “Premade Cables” and ”Multicore & Distribution Systems”.

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The RJ45 connector (ISO/IEC 11801) was specifically designed for the data transmission via networks, but has become indispensable in the field of digital audio and video transmission where it’s now increasingly taking the role of a universal standard connector in the networking (10BaseT, 100BaseTX, GBit-Ethernet) and media technology sectors.

Besides a choice of RJ45 quality connectors from HIROSE we also offer you the ONESIZE universal connectors which have an IDC clamping/cutting system for a fast and easy tool-free installation. Perfect for the mobile field and road use as well as for fitting solutions of large cable cross-sections for long-distance transmissions. Comes with strain relief and fits all CAT.5, CAT.6a, CAT.7 patch and installation cables up to AWG22. Standardized according to ISO/IEC 11801:2002.

For these RJ45 connectors (except for the RJ45CMXL-GR) HICON supplies a sturdy protective housing system for mobile applications.

Suitable surface- and flush-mount frames can be found under “Multicore & Distribution Systems” > “Network Junction Boxes“ and also under “Modular Systems” > ”SYSWALL”.

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