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HICON Video Connectors

BNC Connectors

The BNC connector (Bayonet Neill Concelman) is one of the best known coaxial plug types and was invented in the late 1940s. It is available with a wave impedance of either 50 or 75 Ω and is mainly used in radio and video technology, medical engineering and computer technology. Our connectors meet the specifications according to IEC 169-8, MIL-C-39012. The upper frequency limit of the 50 Ω BNC version is 4 GHz. The 75 Ω standard BNC connectors are suitable for up to 1 GHz and the HDTV version for up to 1.5 GHz applications.

Inner cond. material:  Cu1Ni2 Au0.8
Housing material:       Cu2Ni5
Insulation material:     PTFE
Temperature range:    –65°C to +165°C /–85°F to +329°F
Insulation resistance:  5 GΩ
Inner and outer conductor resistance: < 2 MΩ each

0.6/3.7 = AWG20/0.146”
I don’t know, what does it mean?

The figure “3.7” (0.146“) indicates the diameter of the wire insulation (square), “0.6/AWG20” refers to the copper wire diameter (hex). Caution! Diameter is not equivalent to wire cross-section! When using a flexible cable with stranded copper wires, make sure the wire cross-section correlates with the diameter of “0.6 mm”/AWG20! Formula: Ø = √ ((4 × cross-section) : π)

The HT crimp set is an affordable crimping pliers toolkit for the standard BNC sizes. More crimping tools can be found in the “Hardware & Accessories“ section of our shop.

The products marked with the SYSBOXX logo fit our modular SYSBOXX system and our recessed universal HI-DET D flange.

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BNC connector 3G-SDI / 6G-SDI

Higher – faster – further … HICON UHD/3G/HD-SDI-BNC connectors

While RG and video connectors for the analog world are relatively easy to produce, the new 3G/6G/12G standards require high-quality precision manufacturing methods capable of producing connectors within the tightest tolerances. The relevant machines are made in Germany for the most part and also used to refine the production of HICON connectors. As one of only few manufacturers HICON does not only supply cable plugs, but also panel-mount sockets in the established formats in an attenuation-optimized direct crimp version.

The HICON BNC-HD and 6G connectors for the serial digital video transmission are among the very few high-end connectors on the market and therefore enjoy the highest technical reputation, which is why they are used in many radio, broadcasting and HD-TV transmissions. The HICON HD-SDI and 6G-SDI series features not only a gold-plated pin, but also a hard gold-plated shielded housing to keep the skin effect as low as possible.

The contact pin has a special internal micro-fine spiral groove to hold the copper conductor firmly in place after the crimping process, thereby ensuring an excellent connection. The hard gold-plating and the axial contact pressure guarantee thousands of mating cycles to withstand even the most adverse conditions and temperature differences, as they frequently occur outdoors or in remote broadcasting operations.


  • Professional broadcast transmission technology
  • Digital studio technology
  • IT/data technology
  • Medical equipment
  • UHD transmissions (6 G-BNC)

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HDMI Connectors

HDMI connectors with extremely low contact resistances for DIY assembly by certified specialists. Fitted to the SC-TRANSIT High Speed HDMI with Ethernet HDMI bulk cable from SOMMER CABLE, the HDMI connector is the perfect solution for use in professional media engineering and home entertainment. The solder lugs sit on a PCB with a large contact surface to prevent the often fragile circuit boards of the HDMI devices from being removed. The all-metal plug has a cable strain relief with a protective sleeve. For DIY assembly we recommend using a fine 1 mm / 0.04” solder tip. The easy to use IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector = cut-and-clamp) version is ideal for on-site installation.

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Antenna Connectors

Most European broadcast TVs and radios have the classic antenna connection for the reception of VHF (FM) and UHF signals. The local cable network operators also use this standard.

For this purpose HICON offers a line of connectors ranging from a good standard quality to the top-grade high-end version with real gold-plated contacts and PTFE insulation to ensure lowest contact resistance values.

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F Connectors 75 Ω

For the digital TV image transmission HICON offers a high-end series of F connectors with extremely low contact resistance values. Suitable for easy DIY assembly is the FMC series of F compression connectors which can also be used for 3 GHz applications.

The high-end models HI-FM07 and HI-FM08 (solder) have real gold-plated contacts and a PTFE insulation.

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Most of the HICON video or A/V adapters shown here are encased in a robust full metal housing and are ideal for professional use in media technology.

Owing to their great quality the HICON metal adapters come with a 5-year warranty!

(The BASIC version is a cost-effective plastic variant that does not include the HICON warranty.)

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