CARDINAL DVM HDMI/HDBaseT extender system

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A long wind is not only in demand in sport, but also in the professional installation or event technology sector. Many systems fail when it’s about the transmission of sound and picture over long distances. Here we do not compromise. Because the new generation of the CARDINAL DVM-HDBT extender systems creates a milestone in terms of transmission quality.

“When designing the new CARDINAL DVM systems, we focused on a stable, zero latency transmission of HDMI signals. That way uncompressed UHD content can be transferred in real-time by using only a single CAT line. And this over a maximum distance of 70 meters [230 ft.]!“, explains a convinced Peter Rieck, Key Account & Distribution Manager.

The ultra compact devices are optimized for continuous operation and process HDMI signals up to the 2.0 standard with all common features such as HDCP 2.2, 4K, 3D, CEC as well as PCM and bitstream audio. Likewise the bi-directional RS232 and infrared communication for display or beamer control is transmitted along. Moreover, we have realized the voltage supply via PoH (“Power over HDBaseT“), whereby the power supply may be connected either to the transmitter or to the receiver. With due regard to the compatibility with the previous products, this ensures a high flexibility in use and a long-term security of investment.

As of now the new CARDINAL DVM-HDBT extender systems are available as transmitter, receiver and kit.

For editors, here is the corresponding press release including Word document and image data for web and print.