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It is a story that the four music-loving friends Nils, Marlon, Dominik and Pascal would not have thought possible at the beginning of 2019: In the same year they would form a band and work on songs together, collect enough money through crowdfunding for studio recordings and their first music video and present their first album at a release party in November 2019.

MAVERO is the name of the Giessen-based newcomer band of the four friends. Now, they want to leave the studio after their successful debut year to perform their songs live. They hope to bring people together and let them share in their music, and the stories and values communicated through it.

They get their inspiration from bands like Joris, Coldplay and Maroon5: catchy melodies that range from loud, explosive moments to rather quiet, acoustic ballads. The very personal lyrics of MAVERO are deliberately kept open so that listeners can identify with the stories.