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In their seemingly light-footed play, they combine the highest sensitivity with archaic elemental forces, a terrific passion with tender grace, traditional with modern elements, heartwarming melancholy with an exuberant zest for life.

Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian are two award-winning Flamenco nuevo guitarists from the South of Germany who have wholly dedicated themselves to the music of southern Spain.

The compositions for their group Café del mundo are based on centuries-old Flamenco dances like Solea, Buleria, Tientos and Latin-American rhythms as Salsa, Rumba and Samba. Radically new, however, is that they set aside the traditional triad of Baile, Cante, Toque – dancing, singing and playing. Instead, they play their guitars in an unrestrained dialogue at the centre of the dramaturgy. Brilliantly and rousing, the two virtuosos make the music of the Flamenco guitar accessible to a wider public. Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian have met at a Flamenco guitar workshop in 2007. Since then, they have been united by their inspired work of composing and meanwhile regularly giving concerts with their group Café del mundo throughout Germany and in neighbouring European countries.