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As a company, we have made it our constant task to act in an ecologically responsible manner. For us as a manufacturer of first-class quality cables and connection components, this is a special challenge. Because despite highly efficient production processes, we cannot manufacture our products completely without CO2 emissions.

In addition to generating green electricity, we therefore also attach great importance to producing as sustainably and climate-neutrally as possible when it comes to print media and packaging materials. We compensate for the amount of CO2 generated during production - voluntarily, of course - by supporting selected certified climate protection projects. Here, we decide anew for each print job on a current - mostly regional - project on the topic of forest protection, wind energy, hydropower, solar energy or similar.

In addition, we work exclusively with certified production partners who source paper from sustainably managed forest areas for our print products. Thanks to our commitment, we have now been able to offset a considerable amount of greenhouse gases and are committed to responsible forest management.

Our long-developed, fully modular trade show construction system with integration of all transport cases on the stand is also resource-saving. This allows us short assembly and dismantling times and 100% reusability of the complete SOMMER trade fair stand