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Our Team

Friedhelm Sommer
Friedhelm Sommer
“Well of ideas”...

is the founder of the engineering company SOMMER Automatic, and SOMMER CABLE GmbH.
He is also CEO of SOMMER CABLE. His passion is playing Cello, and he has a good ear for sound, which of course is a great asset when it comes to ensuring that the cables we produce are of the highest sonic quality.

Rainer Blanck
The musician & businessman...

is co-founder and CEO of SOMMER CABLE. Prior to coming to SOMMER CABLE he played a key management role at SOMMER Automatic. As an ambitious hobby musician, singer and guitarist, he has brought his positive personal energy and enthusiasm to the new challenge, and in just a few short years helped SOMMER CABLE become one of Germany‘s market leaders.He has a great relationship with his staff. Rainer speaks German and English.

Pascal Miguet
Pascal Miguet
The “sound fetishist”...

is company and product manager as well as developer at SOMMER CABLE and your top address for technical questions and details. He manages the sales department, and supports resellers in their sales activities and the implementation of our products. He will be glad to give you all the necessary information about merchandising. Pascal has been working in the cable and audio business since 1990. He has large sensitive ears typical for Frenchmen. He is really fussy when it comes to sound, loves to play the synthesizer and is an avid fisherman. He speaks French, English and German.

Andreas Bauer
Andreas Bauer
Our “powerman”...

is company manager and head of the technical sales department.
As a trumpet player he can set the tone, but first and foremost he is responsible for our international technical support and the export department.
In his spare time he plays in an orchestra and is a passionate beekeeper.
He speaks English and German.

Thierry Miguet
Thierry Miguet
He is our IT Manager...

and also responsible for the smooth operation of all SOMMER programs and logistical organization. If he is not traveling to see one of his favorite bands, he likes to program new tools to make life easier for us computer users. He dreams of banning all bad music to a planet with a name that no one can pronounce. He speaks English and German.

Jed Larson
Jedediah Larson
The Yank …

is the CFO of Sommer cable America and is pushing the introduction of SOMMER CABLE to the States. He is proficient in sales, customer service and has extensive experience in the field of audio.
Between forging relationships with new customers, meeting the demands of current customers, managing inventory and keeping all the invoicing balanced and accurate, he is nothing short of a juggler. As an audio engineer, music producer, dj and musician, Jed loves making music. You can even find a handful of his releases under the moniker JedX. Jed also loves surfing, being by the ocean, hiking, fishing and camping with his family.

Dimitri Prokhorenko
Dimitri Prokhorenko
Is our Russian bear…

and the managing director of our successful SOMMER CABLE branch in Moscow. Dimitri organizes the distribution, takes care of administrative tasks and presents our products at the most important Russian trade fairs. He has also a residence in Stuttgart, which makes him a Russian with Swabian dialect. Dimitri not only speaks Russian, but he speaks English and German perfectly as well. Music is his passion, and he’s an excellent conductor and choirmaster.

Bruno Schramm
Bruno Schramm
Our cool Frenchman…

is the manager of our SOMMER CABLE branch office in France. Despite his Teutonic sounding name he’s a true blue Frenchman, endowed with German virtues:
he is an ambitious, extremely reliable and slightly impatient person. However, he hasn’t shed the French mentality – something that is proven by his wonderful barbecues with lots of culinary highlights.
In his spare time, in addition to spending time with his family, his hobbies are medium- and long-distance races and he’s also an excellent bass player.

Celestin Miguet
Celestin Miguet
He is the proud dad...

of brothers Thierry and Pascal! He spent most of his life working as a construction manager for a military reprocurement company. This makes him the ideal candidate to come up with ideas for dependable road-proof connectors!
Among other things he also designs connectors for the HICON series. He will certainly never feel bored, as he quite en passant translates our SOMMER CABLE catalog into French. His hobby is his perfectly groomed vegetable and flower garden.

Peter Rieck
Peter Rieck
The obsessed one...

knows everything. And that‘s how it should be, because he is our man for the development and manufacturing of professional audio equipment. He has gained popularity and a certain degree of notoriety with his revolutionary technical developments and his addiction to uncompromising quality. Peter developed the SYSBOXX and manages our branch facility in Bengen near Cologne, where, beside managing a small store, he designs and manufactures sophisticated specialty systems. His PA & rock 'n' roll hotline is +49(0)7082-49133-17. Peter is an enthusiastic singer and drummer.