Invite Only Studios Open in NYC With Ocean Way Audio Monitors

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Pictured is Studio A featuring an SSL Duality console and Ocean Way Audio HR3.5 monitors.

Invite Only Studios have opened in New York City featuring design by 2020 TEC Award-nominee Malvicino Design Group and massive Ocean Way Audio speakers for stereo and 5.1 monitoring. Germany’s Sommer Cable was used throughout the studio and in the OWA monitoring system. Studio A houses a 48-channel SSL Duality console, while Studio B has as its centerpiece a custom Slate Raven Z3C MTX console, the only one of it’s kind in the world.

Both Studios A and B feature full Ocean Way Audio 5.1 surround monitoring with three HR3.5 speakers in front and two HR4 speakers in the rear channels. State-of-the-art A-4100 amplifiers power the monitors with both analog and digital inputs, 96 kHz and 24-bit sampling, tri-amped delivering 3,400 watts per channel of pure power. At the heart of the acoustic design is OWA’s geometrically complex, composite dual/hybrid waveguide system.

Invite Only producer and founder Angelo “Doc” Velasquez commented on the studio design and the performance of the two massive Ocean Way Audio monitoring systems, “We have a very demanding clientele working on all genres of music from classical to hip-hop. Horacio’s design and his integration of these monitors into our studios is a very dynamic combination. Every producer, engineer and musician who has come through has remarked on the quality, the clarity, and the sheer power of these speakers.”

Designer Horacio Malvicino added, “Doc made it clear from the beginning that they like high SPLs and a smooth low frequency response. Ocean Way’s HR 3.5 monitors are extremely powerful, and the addition of the subwoofers gave the added desireable low-end punch. The biggest challenge in the acoustic design was to achieve total isolation between the two adjacent studios and also from the other tenants in the building.”

Traditional mixers who prefer an “old school workflow” will feel comfortable at Invite Only, as will mixers who wish to leverage the best features of analog mixing as well as DAW control via the console. On hand is a variety of traditional and boutique outboard gear from industry leading manufacturers such as Manley, Avalon, Pultec, Universal Audio, and numerous others.

Studio B 5.1 Ocean Way Audio monitoring with HR3.5s in front and HR4s rear.

Studio B features the Raven console’s batch automation technology, giving quick access to “in-the-box” efficiency. Studio C functions as a writer’s room and boutique project studio with iso booth. A few key pieces of outboard gear complement the SSL AWS 948 console, offering a unique experience overlooking midtown Manhattan.

The monitoring systems include Ocean Way Audio Ultravoice(r) amplifiers and voicing modules. Sommer Cable is used both internally for the cabinets and also from the amps to the cabinets, respectively Elephant Robust SPM440 cable and SC-Twincord cable.

“We’re using Sommer Cable’s Mistral Multicore cable throughout the studios,” explains Malvicino. “It’s amazing that this cable can actually run analog audio and digital audio, so when I’m wiring a facility I don’t have to worry about using separate analog or digital cable runs.”

Invite Only includes three recording/media Studios, a 12.5 ft. Cyclorama Wall, a 14 ft. bar, full kitchen, VIP Room with a flight simulator, zero gravity massage chair, 100-inch media screen and event space that can accommodate approximately 100 people. Invite Only studios

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