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the SC-PLANET-CPR microphone and control cable complies with the fire protection class Cca in accordance with the European Construction Products Regulation EU 305/2011. The SC-PLANET CPR features the design typical in this category with pairwise stranded wires and a heat r ...
can be practiced with our top-runners in the disciplines of video, data and sound – combined in a single cable, the TRANSIT MC 1101. That way you are optimally prepared for the competition in the long-distance transmission of UHD-SDI signals incl. audio and high-speed network ...
has a resolution about 3 to 4 times higher than that of the human eye. Thus the 12G UHD-SDI transmission standard enables such high visual resolutions that the human eye cannot distinguish them any more from the original aspect. The SC-Vector Plus 1.3/5.7 excels by its com ...
The SYSBOXX product family expands. After the market launch of the SYSTRUNK duct system and the SYSBOARD wall housings, the range is now upgraded by the SYSDESK desk connection panel with push-to-lift mechanism and the SYSFRAME50 connection panel. The convenient SYSDESK-GFA ...