KiTa in Cáceres/Brazil

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Since January 2007 we have been supporting the KiTa and mission of the Creche Evangélica in Cáceres Brazil. The children come from very poor families in the area and receive free food and loving care.

The KiTa and Christian missionary center in Cáceres was established many years ago by Markus Koschmieder, his family and many hard-working volunteers. Their motivation comes from a great love for the street children, most of whom come from broken families, and to give them a physical but also spiritual home. Through support and donations as well as its own agricultural cultivation, the KiTa can cover necessary daily livelihood and food. The need is great and unfortunately, due to a lack of space and food, not as many children can be taken in.

The KiTa / Cáceres is only one of countless places and examples where poor children can find a good and loving home. Support for children in need is absolutely essential all over the world. Even in Germany, in our immediate vicinity – therefore we also support local foodbanks for kids every year.