UHD video cable SC-VECTOR PLUS 0.8L/3.7DZ

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Better to be safe...

than sorry. This also applies to our new Sommer cable SC-VECTOR PLUS 0.8L/3.7DZ UHD video cable (Art. 601-0181). Here, we have once again used the tried-and-tested design of two dense, tinned CU braided shields for 100% coverage and shielding against external interferences. This time in combination with a more compact interior made of 3.7 mm robust, low-attenuation skin foam PE insulation and 0.70 mm inner conductor with 19 x 0.16 mm individual strands; optimized to a small outer diameter of 6.1 mm in a notch-resistant, cold-flexible, heat and UV-resistant PUR sheath for a long service life - without the use of PVC to prevent toxic gases in the event of fire and without plasticizers for sustainable material use.

Thanks to its compact design, the cable fits on almost any cable drum and in any cable duct and can be easily assembled with standard 0.8/3.7 digital BNC connectors; it is perfect for outdoor use and generally works well under adverse conditions, such as for large mobile transmissions.

The cable is used for data transmission of analogue and digital HD camera systems, for digital image processing or digital audio applications in the professional broadcast/ OB van/studio sector, in high-frequency technology, in SAT antenna construction or for professional, fixed media technology installations.

For editors, here is the corresponding press release including Word document and image data for web and print.