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We are very happy to work together with JORIS as endorser. Currently his new album is released: "Schrei es raus" (Release: 05. October 2018 by Four Music/ Sony Music).

We are in year 3 after "Hoffnungslos Hoffnungsvoll". 300 concerts and 3 echoes later. Joris is now 28 and took his time for his second album "Schrei es raus", which will be released on October 5th this year. It is the same Joris - this unusual, warm voice that tells stories and creates pictures with great expressiveness. The same earthy, honest sound that supports this powerful voice dynamically, analogously and of course, and goes everywhere: up, down, loud, quiet, at the same time rough and soft - incredibly diverse and variable.

And yet the new album is MORE in everything: the voice more differentiated, the lyrics deeper, the fervor greater and the sound more progressive and complex. Euphoria meets contemplation, in each lyric there is a deeper layer that can be explored. Joris devotes himself with great sensitivity to the most diverse themes. DU" initially comes across as a love song, but on closer listening it becomes clear that "DU" sings about life and - typical for Joris - brings all facets to life. The songs are always multidimensional and Joris views "life" from many sides. "In all the Eyes" describes the simultaneity of things: happiness and unhappiness, love and suffering, everything takes place visibly side by side and is part of the spectrum. Here the outside, there the inside: in "Glück auf" Joris finds the perfect parable for the difficult moments: a collapsed tunnel underground, in the darkness and without sight or way out. And the song is nevertheless a courage booster, as the miner's greeting promises: "Happiness opens, opens. it opens, it goes upwards". Joris dares something, tries himself out, goes more out of himself and more into himself, is even more personal and even more permeable. A very likeable guy who lets you get close to him, perfectly imperfect, which makes the encounter with him so easy.

Joris grew up in the small East Westphalian town of Vlotho and now lives in Mannheim. After the hype surrounding his award-winning first album, he retires and spends a month alone in wintry Italy at the beginning of 2017. A personal reset: everything at the beginning to be able to restart. But of course the new songs are already taking shape, the album is in the making.

Then Spain in spring: in the finca with BBQ on the terrace between blossoming almond trees they chill and celebrate, but also work creatively. Friends come to visit, a stage is built and music is played. Joris' creative counterpart is always there: keyboarder and producer Constantin Krieg. Here the song sketches are tried out, changed, discarded or further developed, which are then produced in nine months of intensive studio work in Berlin, Rothenburg a.d.Fulda and Munich for the new album.

Joris has experienced what it feels like when it works. That makes it easier and harder. If what you say is true: the second album is the heaviest, then Joris has done everything right here.



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