Richard Z. Kruspe

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As a member of the band RAMMSTEIN, Richard Z. Kruspe surely is one of the most famous guitarists and song writers in Germany. In studios in New York and Berlin he tested our guitar, multicore and microphone cables. So, we hope that they will hold up to even the toughest demands! Sommer cables were also used to produce the latest RAMMSTEIN because the band seems to unite the members of “who is who“ in the British jazz, blues, and rock scene. This was the reason a murmur went through the music scene when COLOSSEUM announced in 1994 that they would give ONE (!) concert at the Tent Music Festival in Freiburg. The success was overwhelming and resulted in some large concert tours throughout Europe. album, and our partner KID BROADCAST manufactures a MIDI distribution system for RAMMSTEIN. To deter long fingers on stage, an attractive logo was specially engraved on the front panel. But seriously: Who would dare to rob this band? They have flame throwers!!