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For all those in search of flexible and modular installation components: we are expanding the popular SYSBOXX line.

In the installation and entertainment business the name SYSBOXX has since long been synonymous for sophisticated modular enclosure systems for rack, floor, desk or wall. Above all professionals appreciate the vast number of possible combinations.

The SYSTRUNK is now the youngest scion of the product family. It can be used both as a dado duct and as a media connectivity column which helps to realize elegant and robust connecting solutions easily. By using an integrated connection system, duct units can be joined lengthwise in a form-fit and friction-locked way.

No more drilling or milling, never again expensive special-made designs – that’s the concept behind the SYSBOXX modular system. Our new SYSTRUNK fits in seamlessly here by teaming stability and flexibility with a high-class look. Therefore it’s far superior to other duct systems“, explains Peter Rieck, our Key Account & Distribution Manager.

The SYSTRUNK offers rear mounting holes for an easy assembly, an interior duct for thread inserts and can be equipped with front panels from the SYSBOXX range. As of now the SYSTRUNK profile is available in 2 m [6.56 ft] standard length or in custom lengths of up to 6 m [19.68 ft.] and in various colors.

For more information please visit the SYSBOXX online configurator at

For editors, here is the corresponding press release including Word document and image data for web and print.