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Since June 2017 the new European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 305/2011 pursuant to EN 50575 has been in force. The directive rates communications, control and power cables, which are intended for permanent installation in buildings and affect the building's efficiency, by their flame propagation and heat development in seven new fire protection classes: Aca, B1ca, B2ca, Cca, Dca, Eca und Fca. It applies to cables which have a flame-retardant effect and guarantee a low release of caustic gases and smoke. Functional endurance cables are not subject to the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation.

Suffocation or poisoning caused by the development of flue gases is one of the most frequent causes of death in connection with fires in buildings. The fire eats up the oxygen in closed rooms, whereby carbon dioxides and carbon monoxides will form. Further damages result from toxic and dioxin-loaded combustion residues, contaminated extinguishing water as well as corrosive and poisonous flue gas residues.

For the above reasons the legal requirements with regard to the fire protection in buildings or also in shipbuilding have considerably increased.

Hence the former provisions of the FRNC classes and test procedures become redundant which, however, does not mean that the FRNC properties such as self-extinction/flame resistance specified by Sommer cable to this day would thereby change. Unless otherwise stated in our quote and the shipping documents, our cables are subject to Euroclass Fca.

We deliver various cable families for permanent installation in the requirement categories Cca, Dca, Eca ex warehouse.

But unfortunately every (higher) classification is associated with considerable test and certification costs for each cable. We will therefore not automatically have every installation line re-classified, mainly to keep the sales prices stable. When necessary, we will gladly establish contacts with renowned laboratories or have the required cables tested at the lab for an extra charge and certified according to the requirement classes B2ca, Cca, Dca, Eca and Fca for you. The higher the class, the higher the expenditure and also the test and certification costs will be.

Pursuant to the European Construction Products Regulation EU 305/20011, compliant cables bear the CE label.

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