Ideal for building installations: the new SC-PLANET CPR microphone and control cable pursuant to fire protection class Cca

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the SC-PLANET-CPR  microphone and control cable complies with the fire protection class Cca in accordance with the European Construction Products Regulation EU 305/2011.

The SC-PLANET CPR features the design typical in this category with pairwise stranded wires and a heat resistant AL/PT foil screen including a drain wire for a 100 % shielding coverage. The wire cross-section of 0.34 mm² (0.0005 in2) is perfect for long-distance transmissions or for connections in the 100 V ELA technology. It’s available as a single (art. 100-0041-01C, Ø 6.2 mm / 0.24 in.) and double pair (art. 100-0041-02C, Ø 11.6 mm / 0.46 in.) version. Despite the high fire protection class the SC-PLANET CPR is still rather flexible, easy and fast to work with and can be laid nicely in cable trays and dado ducts.

Cables pursusant to the fire protection class Cca are subject to a regular certification and inspection. On request we will gladly send you the declaration of performance as required by the Construction Products Regulation.

For editors, here is the corresponding press release including Word document and image data for web and print.