Can I also have my cable with a personal overprint?

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There are indeed several options to have your Sommer cable product personalised! As a reaction to the dwindling cable stocks e.g. in the event technology sector, many companies have their cables overprinted.
This can be done either with an inkjet printer or a printing wheel from a certain quantity. The inkjet overprint is free of charge, whereas an overprint with a printing wheel is not exactly a low-budget affair, but offers some benefits. In general it is somewhat cleaner and more precise, and complex company logos or small graphics can be incorporated. Of course, the printing wheel – as long as it has been universally designed – may also be used for other cables.

Normally, the colour of the overprint is white or, with brighter coloured cables, also black. Unfortunately our cables cannot be overprinted later, but only directly during our bulkware production. Therefore we require a minimum quantity for special printing jobs.

By the way, many premade Sommer cables are already fitted with a transparent shrink-on tube under which a written paper strip can be slid subsequently.

For a small premium we can also personalise connectors or cable breakouts. Thus we can laser your company name or e.g. a reference to a company anniversary or a dedication on our TriCone jack plug housings.

Sommer cable has a highly professional laser facility which can also be used to label metal parts (e.g. 19“ panels or compact stageboxes).