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The guarantee applies to our brands SOMMER CABLE, HICON, Cardinal DVM and SYSBOXX Systems.

This warranty statement shall not touch the legal warranty claims against the manufacturer, but extend them.

If properly used for the intended purpose, SOMMER CABLE guarantees this product, which you have bought directly from SOMMER CABLE or through an authorized SOMMER CABLE dealer, to be free from material and production defects for a period of two or five years respectively (see labeling on the product package) from the date of purchase.

The warranty period begins on the day of purchase of the product, for which you will need to deliver proof in the event of a warranty case. Should a repair become necessary on products of the above brands within the warranty period, you are entitled to have it done as per the terms specified hereinafter.

Within the warranty period SOMMER CABLE shall take over the repair costs or replace the defective component(s) or the product repectively. In the event of a repair or replacement within the warranty period, SOMMER CABLE shall obtain ownership in the replaced original parts or products.

In the unlikely event that a defect should occur repeatedly in the product you have purchased, SOMMER CABLE is entitled to replace the defective product by another product at their own discretion, as long as the new product is at least equivalent to the replaced product as to the technical specifications.

SOMMER CABLE provides no guarantee for a trouble- and/or error-free operation of this product, nor shall SOMMER CABLE assume responsibility for any damages resulting from the non-observance of the operation manual and other documentation included with this product.

The manufacturer’s warranty shall not apply to wear parts (e.g. batteries), for products where the serial number has been removed or which have become damaged due to an accident, for damages resulting from improper handling, incorrect use or other external reasons, for damages to devices which were not operated in accordance with the operation parameters (pursuant to the enclosed documentation), for damages resulting from the use of replacement parts which were not made, distributed or recommended by SOMMER CABLE, and for damages caused by interference/modifications or repairs which were not carried out by SOMMER CABLE.



In the event that defects in material or workmanship (as specified in our guarantee terms) should occur in hardware products from SOMMER CABLE within the warranty period, your sole and exclusive claim from this guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of the device. In accordance with this guarantee, the maximum liability of SOMMER CABLE shall be explicitly limited to the purchase price or the costs for repair or replacement, in each case to the lower amount for the components which have become defective under normal use.

SOMMER CABLE shall not be liable for any damages caused by the product or a failure of the product including lost profit and omitted savings as well as special, indirect damages or consequential damages. Furthermore, SOMMER CABLE shall not be liable for legal claims raised by third parties or by yourself on behalf of third parties.

This limitation of liability shall apply irrespective of whether damages are prosecuted or claims for damages made within the scope of this guarantee or due to tortious acts (including negligence and absolute liability) or on the grounds of contractual or other claims, and cannot be canceled or altered by anyone. This limitation of liability shall also apply if you have notified SOMMER CABLE, or an authorized representative of SOMMER CABLE, about the possibility of such damages, but not in case of claims for damages in connection with personal injuries.

This manufacturer’s warranty grants you certain rights; depending on jurisdiction (state or country), further claims may be due to you. It is advisable to consult the appropriate laws in order to comprehensively ascertain your rights.



In the event of a guarantee claim, please contact SOMMER CABLE directly or the authorized SOMMER CABLE dealer where you have purchased the product.