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Germany‘s third to fifth most popular band belongs to the two survivors of the first big German-language rap wave in the early 1990‘s. Their catalogue now boasts 10 albums (including Best ofs, live albums and compilations) plus, believe it or not, 28 singles and videos, issued since 1994. The band‘s works include unforgettable pop classics such as “Nordisch by Nature” (Nordic by Nature), “Jein” (Yes and No), “Schwule Mädchen” (Gay Girls), “The Grosser” (The Big One), “An Tagen wie diesen” (On Days Like These) or “Bettina, zieh dir bitte etwas an” (Bettina, put something on please) – not to forget “Emanuela” (Gold in Germany and Austria, biggest selling song online 2005, Comet for the “Best Song 2005”)! Fettes Brot have come a long way from their musical origins as a hip hop crew, breaking all genre boundaries in a unique way. In live performances the three replaced the record player with eight fellow musicians several years ago – Fettes Brotin football team size produced two long-awaited live albums in 2010.