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Which band can say that they have created their own musical genre? MAGMA! With their very own musical direction named Zheul, the French band around Christian Vander has been telling mystical stories about the planet Kobaïa since the early 1970‘s.  Musically, Zheul reminds of well-known Orff- creations. The cast, often consisting of 4 male and female singers, dissolves the limits between classical music and timeless jazz-rock. Aside of the musicians‘ astonishing technical capabilities, the abstract language “Kobaïan“, used to record almost all of the MAGMA albums, has contributed to the bands cult status. The work of art  “Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh“, created in 1973, contains all of the elements typical for MAGMA at such a high concentration that even today – more than 35 years after it was first released – it stands alone in modern music history. Further compositions were created during this extremely creative phase, which Christian Vander is currently fine-tuning. Music journalists continue being impressed and a large foreign audience comes a long way to experience MAGMA‘s impressive live performances.