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Whereas in the early days of his career the computer used to be the constituent factor in his compositions for singer and band name giver Rainer von Vielen, this one was gradually replaced both at the live shows and in the studio. Rainer von Vielen draw on all musical styles - the band itself calls their distinct result bastard pop. The divide between two songs can be as deep as the gap between a hardcore band and a singer- songwriter. Hereby the joining element remains the linking of traditional instruments such as accordeon and harmonica with contemporary instruments. Another unique characteristic is singer Rainer’s laryngeal singing which also helps to transport words.

Finally it’s also the contentful lyrics which stand out of the mass of sleek-polished elevator pop music of commercial radio stations: Rainer von Vielen take a clear stance against racism, indifference & violence - the band supports the ATTAC & SEA SHEPHERD NGOs, the large-scale rallies against the CASTOR transports of the Citizens’ Initiative Lüchow-Dannenberg or the protest campaigns against the G-8 summits. The RvV song “Tanz Deine Revolution“ [Dance Your Revolution] became one ot the hymns of the protest movement 2007 in Heiligendamm. The band members are: RAINER VON VIELEN (vocals, accordeon, programming), MITSCH OKO (guitar), DAN LE TARD (bass) & NIKO LAI (drums & percussions).