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  • We develop, produce and sell first class quality cables and connection components as well as other high quality products for the areas of audio, video, broadcast, studio and media technology.
  • We are fond of our customers and partners, and take care of them in a humane, friendly, competent and uncomplicated way.
  • We offer durable products, value added quality, innovation and service to our customers, especially in reference to the competitive environment we operate in.
  • We are loyal to our company, its employees and products. We welcome the fact that work and learning can be fun and that success is enjoyable. We motivate, encourage and reward the efforts of our employees.
  • A slim organizational structure enables us to make decisions fast. We have visionary ideas and work cost-effective to provide enduring job security with the required efficiency and liquidity.
  • We are an IHK-training facility - more than 10% of all our employees are trainees. We demand and encourage continuous education.
  • We feel responsible for the ecological system and make great efforts to preserve our planet’s resources. (see: Our Environment)
  • Our Christian and social engagement is directed toward helping people in need. We currently support projects in Burkina Faso and Brazil, with direct personal contacts to ensure that our support actually reaches those in need of help.