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Electric Moon was founded in autumn 2009 and now consists of Sula Bassana, Comet Lulu and Marcus Schnitzler. In 2010 they played their first live show at the Duna Jam in Sardinia (Italy), followed by various concerts and festival appearances.

As a permanent guest at festivals such as Roadburn (NL), Yellowstock (BE) and the now iconic Sulatron Labelights, Electric Moon want to set the essence of psychedelic expansion of consciousness to music, entirely on the principle of "Here and now". This creates a symbiosis between audience and band, which influence each other over the entire duration of the performance. This makes it a unique experience, inviting the band to reunite body and mind in the Wall Of Psychedelic Sound.

Monotonous bass, epic-powerful yet instinctive-ethnic drumming, a swirling guitar, effectorial effects that make a space-ultra-stereo sound, and 3 people being guided on stage by the magic of the moment.

The live shows are a unique experience as Electric Moon always celebrate spontaneously. Everything between monotonous herb and wild Acid Rock is possible, but one thing is clear: THEY WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

Their mostly out of print recordings can also be found at the concerts, as well as of course all records and CDs available from Electric Moon.