HICON D flange without logo for SYS-series


front panel blank panel, 2 HE, 2 BE for SYS-series, Galvanized sheet steel, colour: grey


Please order screws separately
threading strips , 12 BE


front panel 8 x D-Series cutout, 2 HE, 3 BE for SYS-series, Galvanized sheet steel, colour: grey


Please order screws separately
HICON Protective cap with fastening cord for HI-FIBER4-FD


front panel blank panel, 2 HE, 3 BE for SYS-series, Galvanized sheet steel, colour: grey


Please order screws separately
Rack panel, universal D series, Finish RAL 9011 smooth matt, 1 HE, sheet steel 1.2mm, black


A 19” panel is not just...a “piece of steel with holes in it”, but an important utensil for rack wiring in media technology and stage work. These panels should not just provide a decent cladding and an indestructible coating, but must also be constructed so they won’t give way or collapse when exposed to heavy strain and pressure.The front panels are made of black (PBS series...) or charcoal grey (PBA series...) powder-coated 1.2 mm or 2 mm sheet steel (depending on version). A U-profile on the top and bottom edges provides higher rigidity.The optional strain relief clamp (order number ZEPB) can be used to reduce pressure on the cables on the back. For labelling we recommend our writable magnetic strip (order number ZSPB) or number strip (order number NSPB...). The broadcast series (PBQ...) is new to our product line. It is made of 4 mm anodised aluminium sheeting, reinforced by a rear stainless steel bracket. The connectors are all fitted from behind (the panels have been milled off from behind for this). The SYSBOXX SYPS-03-MK2 labelling profile can be used for labelling. Of course, we can also produce custom models. Please contact us by fax or e-mail ( with details of your project.
HICON Switch 2-pole on / off for SYS-series


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