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Here you can download our regularly updated complete price list* as an Excel file.

In the sortable column "valid from" you can see the respective actualized date. This allows you to quickly see whether a price change is relevant for you. Just enter your personal discounts and you will see the net prices that apply to you.

As an installer, specialist dealer or reseller, you receive special B2B dealer conditions. Please contact our US customer service directly by e-mail at ussales@sommercable.com or by telephone on (+1) 707-200-4020.

Download pricelist (imperial system/Dollar) for our US-customers
Download pricelist (metric system/Euro) for our international customers

*Prices are subject to change due to strong fluctuations in raw material prices.



We deliver to first-time customers against prepayment.

You can also pay by credit card (Visa, Eurocard or Mastercard). For this we need your credit card number, the name of the card holder and the expiry date. Please note that payments by credit card from non-EU countries are subject to a surcharge of 2% of the invoice amount.

Regular customers from the United States may also apply for a line of credit and pre/prompt pay discount. Please contact us for our Credit Application form and submit your credit references. In the US we also accept American Express.


Returns & Refunds

For returns, please contact our US customer service directly by e-mail at ussales@sommercable.com or by telephone on (+1) 707-200-4020.

Das Sommer cable 5 Jahre Garantie Logo in einem orangenen Kreis.


Information on the manufacturer's warranty for the brands SOMMER CABLE, HICON, Cardinal DVM and our SYSBOXX systems can be found here.


Fast deliveries

We have a very large inventory and can supply 96 % of all bulk products short-term. Custom assemblies and items such as stage boxes, specialty cables, and other unique items ship within a few days from order date.

Deliveries to European countries are handled by a fast, dependable package delivery service (up to 32 kg). For larger orders we use a forwarding company. The later also applies for deliveries to non-European countries. We are also happy to work with your preferred shipping company if you want to arrange a pickup through them.

US and Canadian can obtain delivery times and shipping costs from Sommer cable America:
Phone: (+1) 707-200-4020
ussales@sommercable.com (9:00 AM to 5:30 PM PT).


Try Before You Buy

Would you like to get your hands on some bulk cable samples and put them to the test? Bend them, strip them, and see for youself?

Just order the cable samples of your choice from our catalog.

Unser Sommercable Abwickler Tischgerät

Handling fees (new)

In order to optimize the ordering process for you and make it more transparent, we have simplified our system for calculating handling fees.

From now on, you will pay a handling fee of €1.50 per cut.
This is calculated automatically.

This applies to PU goods if no predefined PU size (packaging unit) has been ordered.
From 120 meters you generally no longer pay a handling fee

For bulk cables you pay no handling fee from 21 meters

For your optimized unwinding process on site, you will find a selection of our summerly unwinding aids here.

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