Team Head Office Straubenhardt

Musicians became cable experts...

Founded in 1999 out of necessity, we can now look back on more than 25 years of company history.
We develop, produce, and distribute first-class quality cables and connection components, as well as high-quality products for the audio, video, broadcast, studio and media technology sectors. 
A human, friendly, competent, and uncomplicated interaction with each other in the spirit of our company philosophy ‘simply good vibes’ is very important to us.


Rainer Blanck

Musician & Businessman... is co-founder of SOMMER CABLE , full-time managing director and part-time musician, he sings and plays guitar. As a ‘man of practice’, he took on the challenge at SOMMER CABLE with great pleasure and commitment and ensured that SOMMER CABLE  became one of the German market leaders within just a few years. He loves his employees like his family. And vice versa, of course...


Pascal Miguet
Authorised signatory
The ‘sound fetishist’... is an authorized signatory, sales manager and product manager. He is responsible for the development of SOMMER cables and is your first point of contact for technical questions and details. Pascal has been working in the cable and audio industry since 1990 and has large and sensitive ears typical for Frenchmen. He is a sound tinkerer, a passionate synthesizer player, a keen fisherman and soccer coach to his two children.
Andreas Bauer
Authorised signatory

Our ‘powerman’... is an authorized signatory and head of the commercial department. As a trumpet player, he sets the tone for all of us, but he is primarily responsible for human resources, quality management and internal organization. In his spare time, he is an orchestral musician and looks after his ‘lively bees’.

Maximilian Blanck
Executive Assistant

Our universal talent... As an information economist, Maximilian supports both the management and the SOMMER IT management. Even at a young age, he scrutinized and disassembled all devices. His technical and analytical skills flowed, among other things, into our SYSBOXX configurator, which he programmed during his studies. In addition to current developments in machine learning, IoT and sound mixing, his growing family keeps him on his toes.

Marie-Kathrin Huber
Executive Assistant

Creative & inquisitive... Thanks to her degree as a curator (M.A.) and her many years of work in international museums and galleries, she brings a lot of creativity as well as a strong organizational talent. The perfect basis for her areas of responsibility in the management, HR department and in marketing/sales, especially in terms of print and online media with a focus on social media & SEO. She also loves art, culture and her family.

Thierry Miguet
Management Process optimization

The ‘IT Manager’... is not only our IT admin, but also responsible for the smooth scheduling of the entire SOMMER program and the logistical organization. When he's not filming his favorite bands, he enjoys programming new tools to make our life with the computer easier. His dream is to banish all bad music to a planet whose name nobody can really pronounce.

Friedhelm Sommer
Company founder

Well of ideas... is the co-founder of the Sommer cable GmbH. He is passionate about playing the cello, so he doesn't need cables! But he has a very good instinct for good sound, which is a great asset when it comes to the sound quality of cables.

Support & Sale 

Martin Elsner
Technical support

The expert... has already gained many years of experience in the audio and studio industry while working for Studiospares and as a lecturer at the SAE. He is responsible for technical support and tenders. In his spare time, you can also find him working as a sound engineer in a club or studio. He likes soccer and computers.

Ayla Saman
Sales & Export

The nice ‘saleswoman’... has been with SOMMER CABLE  since its foundation and is something like the good soul in our company. She really blossoms when it comes to national and international orders and handles the administrative tasks involved perfectly (in Baden: paperwork). She speaks excellent Turkish, English and German. Her hobbies are swimming and her family.

Michael Wissmann
International Distribution | Export Manager

Fast and furious... is often the order of the day in our export and sales department. No problem for Michael, who always finds a quick solution and takes on any challenge, no matter how fast-paced. The Export and Sales Manager takes care of all matters relating to our international customers and is the first point of contact when it comes to interests and sales co-operation with our distributors. He is always ready with a light-hearted, sometimes even furious, remark. In his free time, the musician, who is well known in the region, enjoys biking, climbing and hiking in the great outdoors.

Lucia Schuon Landero

Spain has more to offer... than just beautiful soccer! Lucia trained with us as an industrial clerk. She ensures that Spanish orders and enquiries are dealt with quickly and unbureaucratically. Hard-working and reliable as she is, she can also be found wherever ‘woman power’ is needed. Lucia speaks German, Spanish and English and loves to go dancing.

Matthias Vogt

He hits the keys... because he loves playing the piano and keyboard and fits perfectly into the team for this reason alone. Matthias is a trained industrial business and foreign trade management assistant, manages our export department and provides national and international technical support. In his spare time, he likes to listen to and make music, is a club man and enjoys doing things with his loved ones.

Jutta Bürkle

Ms Reliable in sales... processes your orders and enquiries by e-mail and on the phone in a friendly and fast manner. In her private life, Jutta enjoys travelling, is a keen sportswoman and is involved in various clubs on a voluntary basis.

Torben Reinert
Technical support

The humorous one... completed his training as a warehouse logistics specialist at SOMMER CABLE  with fun and enthusiasm and - after a stint in production planning - now supports our technical support team. In his spare time, he enjoys playing on the computer and tabletop games or making the drumsticks glow.

Salome Stelz

Vibrant and fresh... our trained industrial clerk reliably takes care of your telephone and written enquiries and orders early in the morning and lends a hand in all areas relating to our sales and distribution. Her relaxed, open-minded manner is well received by both her colleagues and our customers. Salome likes to spend her free time with friends and enjoys making and listening to music.

Pablo Corpas-Marfil
Technical support 

The accomplished... sound engineer provides technical support and takes care of local sales in Spain. He speaks fluent Spanish, English & German. He is also a musical all-rounder - he sings, plays guitar and drums.

Jan Glöckner
Trainee - Sales

The haven of peace... in sales. After successfully completing business school, Jan trained as an industrial clerk at SOMMER CABLE. Always helpful and precise, he advises his customers on the phone and always has a sympathetic ear for his colleagues. In his free time, he enjoys meeting up with friends for marathon series, playing fist ball or bouldering.

Development & Product Management

Peter Rieck
Product Manager Active Components

The obsessed one... who always knows everything better. And that's a good thing, because he's our man for revolutionary technical developments, such as our SYSBOXX, as well as for the sale of professional audio and media technology. Peter manages our branch office in Bengen, where tricky special systems are designed and built. His PA & Rock'n'Roll hotline is 07082/49133-17. Peter is an enthusiastic singer and drummer.

Célestin Miguet

He is the proud dad... of the brothers Thierry and Pascal! He was a design manager in a military procurement company, which makes him the ideal planner for reliable and roadworthy connectors! Among other things, he develops HICON series connectors for us and also translates our SOMMER CABLE  catalogue into French. His hobby is his vegetable and flower garden, which is always neat and tidy.

Marketing & IT

Jasmin Pfeiffer

She is our whirlwind... in the sales organization and marketing department. Jasmin strengthens our catalog and product management and organizes press relations and trade fair planning. Small, determined and nimble as she is, she can also be found in our company wherever a solution needs to be found quickly. She plays tennis and loves looking after her family.

Martin Zwer
Marketing - Design

The all-rounder... As a multimedia designer, Martin is responsible for the graphic design of our print and online media, the creation of complex 3D drawings and all conceivable product photos. Thanks to his technical talent and many years of experience in the company, he is also an important contact for our production department. In his private life, he enjoys travelling in the rescue service, on and under the water and with his family.

Michael Matuschek
Michael Matuschek 
IT Manager

Mr Cloud... not only floats on clouds in his private life, but also pushes a lot of data here - to the delight of his IT colleagues. He is responsible for our IT infrastructure, software updates and our web shop and patiently deals with all the concerns of his less technically gifted colleagues on a daily basis. Michael likes to spend his free time climbing and running marathons in the great outdoors or cooking with or for his friends.

Clemens Überschaer
IT - Webmaster

The computer expert... our first technical trainee in the field of IT and systems integration at SOMMER CABLE , much to the delight of our IT manager Thierry. Clemens ensures optimal computer conditions by developing software programs specially tailored to the company. He also enjoys spending time on the computer in his private life.

Chris Jolly
IT - Webmaster

I was made in England... is just one of the attributes of our software engineer Chris Jolly. Thanks to his extensive experience in the development of large hardware and software projects, he provides us with the best possible support in optimizing our shop and data management environment. Even Brexit can't stop us from working well with the British.

Logistics & Production

Florian Jokisch
Logistics Manager

He is responsible... for our logistics and smooth dispatch. Florian keeps an overview and coordinates all processes to ensure that hundreds of consignments leave our warehouse on time every day. At the same time, he supports our warehouse logistics trainees with advice and assistance as a trainer. Florian loves riding his motorbike, plays the guitar, is a passionate marksman and an enthusiastic family man.

Björn Magas

He jumps into action... to put out any fire, because in his private life he is an enthusiastic volunteer firefighter. Björn is an important part of the SOMMER CABLE  logistics team and is characterized by his conscientiousness and energy. He is responsible for organizing the packing lists and shipments. He loves to spend his free time with his wife and kids.

Sandy Erhardt 

She is energetic... and can tackle things, which is why she is predestined for our warehouse logistics team. Sandy is a warehouse logistics specialist and fits seamlessly into our team. She loves spending her free time with her friends. She loves animals, especially her horses ‘Angie’ and ‘Sissi’.

Nicolai Muche

The reliable... was trained with us as a warehouse logistics specialist. In addition to picking and packing, he supports our cable production department in compiling and issuing the required materials and is responsible for incoming small parts. He likes to spend his free time doing sports, with his terrier ‘Diego’ or on the computer.

Alina Binhack

Anything but boring... is her motto. This is the perfect prerequisite for whirling around in our logistics department as a warehouse logistics specialist trained by us because there is always plenty to do. In her free time, Alina enjoys travelling in the countryside or helping on the family farm.

Christian Giardano

Our Italian team player... completes the SOMMER logistics team. In addition to order picking and packing, Christian always has a light-hearted joke up his sleeve and demonstrates his carefree, cheerful nature. In his free time, he enjoys travelling, going to the cinema or dancing.

Peter Toll

The man from Berlin... exudes his straightforward charm - typical of a Berliner - in our Baden-Swabian company and is responsible for the warehouse logistics of goods by the meter and general cargo. Peter is exceptionally skillful with his hands, which is why his work with us is certainly never boring. His preferred pastime involves launching innocent darts at a board.

Antonio Cerasuolo 

Always helpful and appreciative... Antonio supports our warehouse team at every turn. From paper machines to dispensing systems to our automatic cut-to-length machine for cable meter goods - there is no piece of equipment he can't handle. In his spare time, he sings in a band and loves listening to music.

Winfried Fladda

The outdoorsman ... is an untiring explorer. This naturally benefits him and us in our huge warehouse. Winfried is responsible for the warehouse commission and eagerly ensures that the parcels and pallets are optimally prepared for dispatch. He also enjoys reading in his spare time and is a passionate soccer fan.

Reinhold Güldenpenning
Logistics & property management

A fast forward player… makes perfect sense in our logistics center, because the distances are sometimes quite long. Reinhold used to be a professional soccer player for SC Freiburg and, as in soccer, he can play in almost any position at our center. His hobbies are his family, playing or watching soccer and gardening.

Ralf Häfelinger
Logistics & property management

The ‘mole’... is our all-round company handyman for all kinds of repairs and conversion work, the planning and construction of our exhibition stand or the customization of furniture - Ralf does everything and can do everything (except High German). When it comes to tricky problems, he really gets going and is only satisfied when everything is perfect. Ralf is a craftsman and loves his family more than anything.

Luka-Jèrôme Köhler

The companion... trained with us as a warehouse logistics specialist, his tasks include packing, order picking and incoming and outgoing goods. Luka-Jèrôme is a sports enthusiast, plays football and enjoys socializing with his friends.

Petra Sferrazza
Production planning

With a license to solder... Petra organizes and manufactures everything from multicore looms, high-quality hi-fi and microphone cables to complex stage box systems. She operates and monitors our automatic stripping units and crimping machines. Petra loves cats and her garden.

Werner Zall
Production planning

The all-rounder... came to the right place at just the right time and helps our stressed warehouse team with packing and packaging. He also demonstrates his manual skills on many special assignments and optimizes the automatic unwinding and cutting machines used during the production process, for example. He enjoys playing the keyboard and guitar.

Sonja Fauth
Production planning

Always in a good mood... she takes care of the order picking and perfect processing of our production orders. Sonja has three grown-up children and is a keen accordion player. She also keeps fit with swimming and fitness training.

Deion Seikat
Production planning

The Scandinavian... who isn't one. Because although his surname is probably of Finnish descent, Deion doesn't speak a word of Finnish. He is a warehouse logistics specialist and picks all the materials required for production. As a passionate footballer, he is sporty and keeps himself fit.

Marion Treiber

The driving force... and team leader in our cable assembly department. Thanks to her many years of experience, she also takes care of the sophisticated and exclusive solutions for the medical and hi-fi sectors. She also likes to spoil us with homemade treats.

Birgit Ahr

The good soul... in the team solders and assembles what comes to her table, energetically and reliably. She likes to spend her free time hiking and cycling in the countryside.

Harald Pfisterer
System production

Our secret weapon.... conscientiously manufactures the most sophisticated systems and hybrid solutions in all special configurations, no matter how crazy. In his private life, he likes to be a fool and is a member of the board of a carnival organization.

Philip Flesche
System production

Conscientious and fast... Philip processes all orders from the fiber optic department. He has trained a steady hand and accurate dexterity by painting miniatures for tabletop wargames, so he is perfectly suited to the production of our highly intricate and complex fiber optic cables. Besides strategy games, he enjoys computer games, reading and swimming.

Jutta Kraft

The experienced one... in the cable and electronics business, as she has been working in the industry for decades and proves her all-round skills every day. Even after work, her hands always need to be busy, so she lives out her creative side by painting, crafting or knitting.

Walter Kopf
System production

Our quality man... is a trained electronics technician for devices and systems. He calmly and confidently produces sophisticated systems, operates our laser machine and takes care of the maintenance of the machines and tools. Even in his free time, he is always ‘working’, tinkering with and repairing any defective equipment he can get his hands on. He also enjoys working in his garden.

Cornelia Pfisterer

She crimps and pimps... our coax connection cables and anything with a round jacket. In her private life, she looks after her husband Harald, her children and grandchildren and is active in the carnival club.

Sven Trampus
Trainee - Production

Our cheerful character... in production is training with us as an electronics technician for devices and systems. Whether it's putting together our SOMMER exhibition towers or making customized products for customers, Sven masters every task with bravura and humor. In his private life, he is also good at wrenching, preferably on motorbikes and cars.

Jan Trampus
Trainee - Production

Full of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge... the likeable apprentice industrial electronics technician is getting to know the world of electronics in our production department and is happy to fulfil the tasks assigned to him reliably. In his free time, Jan enjoys playing soccer (3rd league) or travelling with friends.

Jan Bernwald
Trainee - Warehouse & Logistics

He gets to work... and supports our warehouse team diligently and reliably in all areas as an apprentice warehouse logistics specialist. Jan enjoys taking on new challenges both professionally and privately and likes to spend his free time fishing or at the SC Karlsruhe soccer stadium.

Purchase & Accounting

Elke Blanck

She never misses a beat... because she makes sure that our accounts are always up to date. Elke is Rainer's wife, and together they enjoy jogging, e-biking and travelling.

Cornelia Mast

Fast and precise... she manages our purchasing and scheduling. Minimum stock levels are monitored daily to ensure that no item is out of stock. When purchasing our products and raw materials, she always pays attention to high quality. In her free time, she enjoys attending cultural events and volunteering in various clubs.

Wenshu Chen 

From the Middle Kingdom... straight into our team, Wenshu enriches our technical purchasing department as a Bachelor of Engineering. She is musically active on the clarinet and cello, loves travelling and spending time with her family. In addition to German and English, she also speaks Chinese.


Jed Larson_450x450
Jedediah Larson
COO America

The ‘Yank’... is the operations manager of SOMMER CABLE  America and is driving the introduction of SOMMER CABLE  in the States. He is an expert in sales and customer service and has extensive experience in the audio field. As a sound engineer, music producer, DJ and musician, Jed loves making music. A handful of his releases can be found under his stage name JedX. Jed also loves surfing, the ocean, hiking, fishing and camping with his family.

Bruno Schramm
Director France

Our cool Frenchman...manages the SOMMER CABLE  branch in France. Bruno is ambitious, super nimble, energetic and extremely reliable - which makes him a favorite contact for our French-speaking customers. His hobbies are his family, middle and long distance running, and he is an excellent bass player.

Dimitri Prokhorenko
Distribution Russian-speaking region

He is our conductor for the Russian-speaking countries... Dimitri organizes sales, takes care of administration and presents our products in Kazakhstan, Georgia and many other Russian-speaking countries. He lives in Stuttgart and can therefore often be found in Straubenhardt to take care of the needs of his Russian-speaking customers. Music is his passion - he is an excellent conductor and choirmaster of several choirs.

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