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    Our cable & connection solutions for your application

    We offer a comprehensive and professional range of cables, connectors, connection solutions, and distribution systems for audio, video, multimedia, broadcast, and hi-fi applications. 

    In addition to first-class quality, high reliability and exceptional variety, it is important to us to recognize trends at an early stage and develop future-proof solutions, maintain lively relationships and implement individual wishes. Since 1999, we have been inspiring customers from the entire pro audio sector: architects and planners, studio, media and event technology professionals, musicians and more. 
    Simply everyone who shares our passion. 

    We stand for connectors that inspire. "Simply good vibes".

    For Musicians

    A musician appreciates our cables for several reasons: He knows that all SOMMER CABLEs are designed for longevity. We use a dense stranding technique and smooth, pure copper (OFC), which guarantees high bending cycles and loss-free transmission. The use of our cables avoids unpleasant surprises during live gigs. If you compare the price and performance of our cables with others you will immediately realize that they are very reasonably priced and provide great value.

    HiFi & Home

    For the hi-fi enthusiast

    Our product managers are all hi-fi freaks. They have been involved in the business for several years with great enthusiasm and passion. As musicians they take a realistic approach to sonic quality and are not fooled by “esoteric“ statements or fashionable trends. For years we have been producing linear speaker and phono/RCA connectors for the high-end hi-fi market. We have received great recognition from users, hi-fi magazines and resellers for our fair and reasonable pricing structure.

    HiFi & Home

    For media room designers

    For designers, SOMMER CABLE  offers a highly detailed catalog containing all pertinent technical data. The information provided in the SOMMER CABLE  catalog is clearly laid out so that you can find the facts and figures you need quickly. This makes it easy to forward the information to your customers via fax or e-mail. Furthermore, installers and designers can find the specifications and descriptions of our cables online.
About 96% of our cables are always in stock, minimizing shipment delays, and keeping your customers happier. Your customer will be very satisfied with your service.
Please send your requests for quotations to our e-mail-address

    Conference & Multimedia

    For rental companies and sound engineers

    SOMMER CABLE  not only offers a vast range of standard stagebox systems, ready-made cables and multicore snakes, but we also manufacture in-house customer-specific special solutions for almost every possible application. Our customizing service offers clear heat-shrink tubing, individualized color-coding and velcro options. Uniquely identifying your cables in this way should help reduce their “disappearance“ at gigs. For information regarding custom solutions our qualified technical advisors will be glad to help you. The cables we offer you are equipped with a special stranding technology and a thick, rugged jacket that makes them easy to wind onto a reel.

    Pro Audio & Event

    The body of a plumber/technician is cut off to the left of the picture. He is holding an orange helmet in his arms and carrying various tools around his waist. He is looking at a building site.

    For the installer

    You depend on reliable and fast delivery and sometimes need the impossible to be made possible. Owing to special contracts with our forwarders, we can often process and ship your order even on the same day, provided we receive your order before 3 p.m. We do not only supply cables, but also useful accessories, tools, connectors and electronic components. Due to high-quality jacket blends our cables are literally made for challenging temperature ranges and adverse conditions. This will guarantee you longlife quality cables in your cable ducts for your abiding peace of mind.


    Zu sehen ist ein Musikfachhandel. Man sieht mehrere Säulen auf welchen Gitarren aufgestellt sind.

    For the music dealer

    We know how important overall support is, and we support our resellers with promotional material, brochures and catalogs, eye-catching displays, and attractive packaging. Music retailers appreciate the short delivery times of cables and the courteous and committed support of our employees. We offer a wide variety of products in various price categories. This helps you respond to a very broad range of customer demands.

    Music & Instruments

    The picture shows a radio aerial. In the background you can see an illuminated city from above at night.

    For radio and broadcasting

    SOMMER CABLE  is the main supplier for nearly all of the top German broadcasting and TV stations because they appreciate SOMMER CABLEs uncompromising quality and our extraordinary product range. Our cable production is very fast and flexible, which enables us to react to changes in the market very quickly. All our cables are manufactured according to the latest broadcast specifications and have been tested in the technical laboratories of broadcast studios over long periods of time, and found to be of very high quality.


    Two microphones are shown. A music studio with screens and loudspeakers can be seen in the background.

    For the studio

    Studio environments demand different cable specifications than those required for stage or live use. In a studio, excellent shielding and flawless audio transmission are paramount. This is critical because the complex array of peripherals (computers, mixers, etc.) typically results in significant interference. Studio operators need cables that do not impart their own 'sound,' but rather ones that match or exceed the quality of the studio equipment. The faithful reproduction of the audio signal is the highest priority. Our cables for studio applications are meticulously designed to meet these exacting standards.


    An operating theatre with three operating theatre nurses in blue scrubs can be seen. They have equipment in their hands and are looking at a screen.

    For medical technology

    SOMMER CABLE  provides a wide range of specialized connection system solutions for equipment suppliers in the medical health sector, particularly for operating theatre visualization and endoscopy. In this highly sensitive and specialized field, maintaining consistent quality standards and passing annual audits are essential requirements. Our support team eagerly anticipates each new and challenging project in this domain. Please feel free to contact us by phone or via email at support@sommercable.com.

    Medical Technology

    Several colourful cables are shown next to each other in the colours red, blue, yellow and green.

    For the OEM customer

    Third party manufacturers and OEM customers utilize labeled or neutral SOMMER CABLEs for their own products. This ensures that their cables maintain the same quality and meet the same strict specifications for years to come. Customers can count on them being uniformly centered so that machines won‘t have any problems processing the cables and no costly finishing work is required. We can optionally imprint your logo on the cable. The cable specifications you provide are in safe hands. Your designs are kept safe and will not be passed on to other parties. We also offer our key accounts professional sales and marketing support and will provide budget-friendly info brochures on demand. After the sale, we‘re still here for you and your sales success.



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