Our company history

Since 1999, SOMMER CABLE  has not only been soldering, but also making contacts. We look back on 25 years of "simply good vibes".

A photo from 1999 of Rainer Blanck and Pascal Miguet at their desks at work.

Date of incorporation: 09.03.1999

"We didn't feel like a start-up - and yet that's exactly what we were - driven by the question: How can we develop cables and connectors in such a way that their sound quality inspires people in every respect?"

Sommer cable GmbH was founded in 1999 by Rainer Blanck and Friedhelm Sommer. Together with a team of inventors led by cable specialist Pascal Miguet, several musicians, sound engineers, electronics engineers and event technicians, they began to develop cables and connectors that not only offer the highest sound quality, but also impress in terms of handling.

2000: Our first catalog!

In addition to our current web shop, we still rely on high-quality print products today. Since 2000, we have published over 40 versions of our main catalog and various special catalog, which have been translated into up to 6 different languages. In the beginning, we presented our products on around 60 pages, today we need an impressive 550 pages.

Three open Sommer cable catalogs lie on top of each other.
A plate of green apples on a table. In the background you can see our summer cable fair stand.

2000: First trade fairs

Staying closely connected with our existing customers is paramount to us, alongside forging new relationships. Since our inception, we've actively participated in trade fairs as exhibitors to showcase our products and nurture connections. This practice allows us to both engage with our current clientele and establish new connections within the industry.

Pictured are the packaged Sommer-Cable cables hanging from the sales poles.

2001: Hicon®   

HICON® has been developing professional connectors and connection technology since 2001, which, in combination with SOMMER CABLEs, offers a huge selection of high-quality connection solutions for media conference technology, studio & broadcast and mobile transmission paths.


2004: Moving to our new headquarters

Initially operating from a modest office space with only a few employees, the Dieselstrasse building quickly became inadequate for our expanding needs. Following extensive renovation efforts and the construction of a spacious warehouse, Sommer cable GmbH relocated to its current headquarters on Humboldstraße.


From 2004: The signature series

For SOMMER CABLE, professional musicians are serious field testers whose honest opinion is vital to us. Famous musicians have the advantage of having a team of highly talented technicians around them, from whom we can quickly gain access to innovations, suggestions for improvement and, of course, criticism. All of this ultimately benefits the quality of the product, which is why we are happy to have met all these great people at gigs, through friends or in person. That's why we've been regularly releasing signature series developed together since 2004. We owe the first one to the world-class bassist Hellmut Hattler - Chapeau!

2005: SYSBOXX®

We have been building modular SYStems in all desired configurations since 2005. Our perennial favorite, the SYSBOXX®, is now complemented by countless additions for specific requirements (SYSFLOOR, SYSBOARD, SYSPANEL, SYSWALL, SYSTRUNK). Since 2017, our digital SYSBOXX configurator has enabled the simple compilation of individual customer wishes and ideas with a 3D view.


2005: SOMMER CABLE  France

With Bruno Schramm we embark on our venture into the French market by establishing a branch in Alsace. Bruno embodies ambition, agility, energy, and unwavering reliability, qualities that have made him a highly sought-after point of contact for our French-speaking clientele.

Bruno-Schramm-2023 (1)
A picture collage of three of our employees: on the left dressed as a rabbit, in the middle in lederhosen and on the right as a diver.

2005 bis 2016: Mailings

We leave no leaf unturned for our mailings – from Rap Rabbits to underwater and leather trousers – everyone is having fun at our photo shootings!

2008: Excelsior®

The handcrafted EXCELSIOR® cable series by SOMMER CABLE  are 100 % "Made in Germany" and developed with a focus on the special requirements in the high-end sector. For the design of the EXCELSIOR® cable lines we draw on our ample technical know-how and our past experience in the professional broadcasting and studio sector. This means that the cables of the EXCELSIOR® series are thorougly tested and refined in sophisticated measuring procedures and listening checks prior to their market launch to thus ensure an uncompromising quality.

The picture shows a PC, a tablet and a cell phone on which our website is open.

2013: Webshop

We are moving with the times and launching our B2B webshop. Now, orders can be placed swiftly and conveniently, 24/7.

2015: Establishing our US Branch

In a significant expansion move, we ventured across the pond in 2015 with the inauguration of our branch in Santa Rosa, California. Leading the operations at SOMMER CABLE  America is Jedediah Larson, who spearheads the introduction of our SOMMER CABLEs into the American market.

The black and gray building of our US branch in Santa Rosa, California.
An underwater image of a man sitting on a chair holding a laptop with the Sommer cable website open. It is connected to a television by a cable.

2015: Aqua Marinex

As a supplier for amusement parks, major events such as the Olympics, world championships, open-air concerts, etc., we are constantly confronted with a wide variety of requirements.

Maximum reliability of signal transmission under the most extreme weather and environmental conditions, such as rain, snow, ice, mud, salt/chlorinated water, heat, etc., is our top priority. This is why we have developed the water-proof AQUA MARINEX cable series from notch-resistant, cold-flexible PUR cables. For particularly tough conditions, also with aramid fiber braiding, as known from bulletproof protective vests.

2017: From the hook to the automated small parts warehouse

Rumor has it that in the early years, at least three people had to swarm out to find the right goods for customer orders. Today, fortunately, our automated robots in the Autostore take care of this.
Our green squeaky duck Cablo is our mascot and sits on a Humminbird fishfinder.

2019: Our mascot Cablo

The green squeaky duck with the SOMMERy zig-zag logo has been with us since 2019. Thanks to competitions at trade fairs and our dedicated customers and partners, Cablo has traveled halfway around the world.

Our green squeaky duck Cablo is our mascot and sits on the beach at sunset.

2020/2021: Night of Light

Even during the corona pandemic and worldwide supply bottlenecks, we are a reliable partner. We are showing our colors - in 2020 and 2021 - we will be at the Night of Light to support the event industry!

A picture of our company building at the “Night of Light”. It glows red in the dark.

2024: 25 years of "simply good vibes" 

Today, SOMMER CABLE  is one of the leading cable manufacturers and offers a comprehensive range for the audio, video, multimedia, broadcast and hi-fi sectors. In addition to the highest quality and reliability, the company is characterized by its ability to recognize trends at an early stage and to constantly develop future-proof solutions with the help of numerous suggestions from customers and partners.

"The foundation of our solution expertise lies in our attitude: the passion for what we do. It is in every employee and therefore in every facet of SOMMER CABLE," explains Rainer Blanck, CEO and company founder. "How do we do that? By forming a team with our employees and our customers. We turn the talents of our people into those of our company and the requirements of our customers into our own. That's what makes the difference in the industry today. And that's what makes us different."

Green picture with the lettering 25 Years and small round pictures of musicians, workspaces etc. on the left.
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