HDMI® under controlWhether in the installation or rental business - thepractical HD tools of the CARDINAL DVM series offer a convincing quality and a unique value-for-money ratio.DVM-HDT-SDI-HDMI – HD-SDI HDMI® converterThis converter links devices with an HDMI® interface to professional SDI equipment, thereby supporting all SDI formats up to 3G-SDI.Accepted input signals:• SD: 480i at 60 fps / 576i at 50 fps• HD 720p at 50 and 60 fps• HD 1080i at 50 and 60 fps• FULL-HD 1080p at 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 fpsThe fed-in SDI signal is available at a link output for further distribution within the SDI signal chain.Advantages:Power supply DC connectors with screwuniform power unit with all HD ToolsRugged housing in timeless designadditional SDI-Link output with integrated re-clockingVideo bandwidth 270 M ... 2.97 GbpsPlug & PlayApplication:Connecting SDI to 3G-SDI equipment toHDMI® devices
Sommer cable Transformer 1:1+1


Mic transformer 1:1+1 0 dBu print assemblyPlease note that it may be for the following offers to remnants, discontinued models and returns. A postproduction of items listed is possible only in exceptional cases, the products and their packaging may have slight differences in color and light soiling.Transformation ratio: 1:1+1 max. primary level: 0 dBu Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 2dB Source impedance: 600 ohms Load impedance: 2 * 600 ohms Enclosure shielding: MU-metal Dimensions: 28 x 23 x 16 mm (1.1 x 0.9 x 0.62 in.)


DVM-SP4601 4 x 6.5"/1" Column SpeakerThe DVM-SP4601 universal column speaker is equipped with four 6.5" chassis plus one 1" driver on a radial horn and scores with precise radiation, excellent sound quality, very high sound pressure level and easy mounting. The result is an excellent speech intelligibility – even in larger or acoustically critical rooms, which makes the loudspeaker a superb choice for largerauditoriums or lecture halls.The cabinet has 8 x M8 flying points and can bemounted safely and accurately with the optional DVM-SP46-WM-WS wall-mount adapter.Advantages:compact and powerful systemseasy, assembly by plurality of mounting pointsadaptation by friendly requested RAL color optionFull range of accessories available
CARDINAL DVM Matrix for HDMI ® signals with HDBaseT outputs 4K


Welcome to the Matrix!Whether in the catering business, retail trade or in the field of digital signage – with the Matrix systems of the CARDINAL DVM series the free distribution of all input signals to any outputs is done as easily as never before. In a sports bar, for example, you can switch between the live TV signal on input 1 and the video server for promotion on other inputs. And this individually for each display!The employed HDBaseT technology easily allows HDMI ® transmission distances of up to 70 metres / 230 feet between Matrix and display. And owing to PoH (Power over HDBaseT) remote receivers will also be powered in one go.This saves extra power supplies. For us the support of all HDMI ® functions, resolutions and formats up to 4Kx2K, 3D, 48-bit Deep Colour and HDCP is a self-evident feature. Likewise the audio section has all common formats such as Dolby True HD or DTS-HD as well.Speaking of management: the control functions are executed directly via push-buttons and display on the device or by means of the infrared remote control. Alternatively you can use the supplied PC software or existing media controllers via RS232 or ethernet (TCP/IP). Moreover, the integrated EDID management ensures a fast and stressless setup.DVM-HDBT-MAT44 features:• Ins & Outs:4 x HDMI ® inputs4 x HDMI ® outputs 4 x HDBaseT outputs (parallel to HDMI ® ) 5 x IR control inputs (4 x for HDBaseT, 1 x general)4 x IR control output (from HDBaseT)4 x RS232 interfaces for HDBaseT • HDBaseT lite (max. 70 m / 230 ft. 1080p, 40 m / 131 ft. 4K x 2K)• IR matrix function• 10/100 BaseT Ethernet connection• RS232 connection (SUB-D09)• fast switching time (200 ns)• two included external 12 V / 5 A power supplies (1 x unit power, 1 x PoH)• 19“ / 1 HU housing, 245 mm / 9.65” deep, 2.7 kg / 6.0 lbsPlease note that it may be for the following offers to remnants, discontinued models and returns. A postproduction of items listed is possible only in exceptional cases, the products and their packaging may have slight differences in color and light soiling.
CARDINAL DVM HDMI ® 2.0 toolkit, rack version


Complicated? Forget it...The HDMI ® 2.0 Engineers Toolkit from CARDINAL DVM is easy to use and thus the ideal measuring tool for every installation, the rental and customer service department and your product development. Owing to its comprehensive features, compact dimensions and practical functions controlling HDMI ® sources and sinks as well as cable runs becomes a cakewalk! A lot of problems which may be caused e.g. by a faulty set-up, wiring, EDID communication or HDCP can be analyzed and solved easily.The DVM-HDT-KIT consisting of HDMI ® signal generator + HDMI ® analyzer can handle all common HDMI ® video resolutions and bandwidths.DVM-HDT-KIT features:• high-performance FPGA platform• supports HDMI ® 2.0 up to 4K x 2K (24/25/30/50/60 Hz plus 3D)• supports all common colour rooms (RGB4:4:4, YUV4:4:4, YUV4:2:2 and YUV4:2:0)• supports HDCP 2.2 (HDCP switchable: off/1.4/2.2)• integrated 3“ IPS displays 16:9 (240p) in generator and analyzer• “What You See Is What You Get“ – you can watch in realtime on the display what’s happening at the input/output• intuitive control by local rotary encoder & keys on the unit, via RS232, USB or ethernet• front panel headphone socket for signal control• available as mobile version for the toolcase or rackmount set with 2 x ¼ 19“ 2RU (for SYSBOXX or 2RU 19“ module carrier) • DESK version with built-in battery packs• low power consumption• PC software included for checking individual devices and also large device compounds• integrated cable check function• optional reporting function for generating test protocols (incl. printout/download)• super compact housings (¼ 19“ - 2 HE)• DESK version with foam inlay for toolcase • incl. 2 x HDMI ® cables HIMM of 1.5 m (4.921 ft. length)• incl. 2 x 24V chargers (4-pole XLR)Generator Features:• 34 different test patterns (33 x 2D, 1 x 3D)• 43 different generator resolutions (including ten userdefinable and one automatic resolution)• Integrated EDID memory for up to 10 EDID sets• EDID information can be read, modified, and written back• Audio tests through integrated clock generator (8 different sample rates 32K, 44K, 48K, 88K, 96K, 176K, 192K, and auto) or through external 2.0 mini jack inputAnalyzer Features:• Extensive signal analysis capabilities• Audio metering display for 8 channels in real-time• Real-time signal monitoring with error counters• Integrated EDID memory for up to 14 EDID sets (including 10 user-definable)• HDMI ® input can be activated or deactivated via software for on/off switching simulations
KRAMER VGA-UXGA switch, mechanical, 2x1, 1300MHz


Please note that it may be for the following offers to remnants, discontinued models and returns. A postproduction of items listed is possible only in exceptional cases, the products and their packaging may have slight differences in color and light soiling.
KRAMER , FBAS/CV Transmitter, IN: BNC | OUT: 4 x clamp + BNC-Loop


Twisted pair transmittersIt may be easier to use a twisted-pair cable for long distance transmission. The purchase price of the unit can be easily compensated for with the money you saveon cabling. It is important to use the recommended cable types, otherwise the max. transmission lengths may be shorter.Please note that it may be for the following offers to remnants, discontinued models and returns. A postproduction of items listed is possible only in exceptional cases, the products and their packaging may have slight differences in color and light soiling.


SHOWROOM MODELS with minor flaws!DVM HDTools HDMI Engineers Kit DESKTOPHDMI 2.0 Toolkit, desktop version: signal generator signal analyzer DVM-194-PS1 power supply 2 DVM-194-C2-0200 power cables -in plastic case
CARDINAL DVM ¼ -19“-Stereo mixer, IN: 4 x Stereo IN via 4 x 2 x 6.3 mm TRS jack sockets (Back)/1 x Control port for display unit via 3-pin mini-XLR (Front)/1 x Stereo IN via 3-pin 3,5 mm TRS jack socket (Front)/1 x VCA port for swell pedal via 6.3 mm TRS


This mixer combines the functionality of an absolutely high-fidelity stereo sub mixer – for the various sound sources on stage or in the studio – with the remote controllability of the master level via a standard swell pedal. This offers the perfect dynamics control in any situation. There are 4 stereo channels one of which also offers a parallel front panel input for the fast hook-up of an additional source (stage keyboard or e.g. MP3 player). The Master section offers individual level controls for the Main OUT, the Mono OUT and the Headphones OUT as well. Furthermore, the latter two outputs may be switched to PRE-VCA via push-buttons, which allows pre-fade listening of sounds even with the Master turned fully down. The rear side features a line-level version of the headphone bus. With the DVM-194-HPA a comfortable and powerful personal monitor solution can be realised.The VCA port is used to connect a common swell pedal (like e.g. Yamaha FC-7). The factory setting for this port covers a control range of –80 to +10 dB (at 0 dB output level). Using the optional DVM-194-DIS display unit (display) you have a permanent visual control of the swell pedal position.The Main OUT is also available via EUROBLOCK connections to facilitate well-structured rack wirings. All outputs are electronically balanced.
CARDINAL DVM wall holdfast, PU: 1, white, Easy mounting by convenient hooking in and screw locking; Movable and tiltable


wall holdfast for DVM-SP4601Miscellaneous:wall plate: 160 x 90 mmmaterial: steel
CARDINAL DVM Compact 5.25"/1" Loudspeaker


Compact 5.25"/1" Loudspeaker DVM-SP0501The DVM-SP0501 compact speaker is equipped with a powerful 5.25" low/mid woofer and a 1" highfrequency horn driver combination. Its high power handling of 150 W RMS and the very good speech reproduction make it a universal tool for small to medium PA applications. The 16 Ω impedance allows to put several speakers in parallel without stressing the amplifier. The cabinet of the light-weight speaker (only 3.6 kg) has 8 x M8 flying points plus an M10 thread for a tripod stand flange. The available accessories (clamp, wall-mount adapter, tripod adapter) and the ultracompact design always guarantee an unobtrusive installation in the different fields of application. The loudspeaker is perfectly suited for the retail and catering trade or in the small conference room. Optionally the speaker is available in any individual RAL custom colour and also with a built-in 100 V transformer for ELA applications.Advantages:compact and powerful systemseasy, assembly by plurality of mounting pointsadaptation by friendly requested RAL color optionFull range of accessories available
CARDINAL DVM ¼ -19“ amplifier module, Conference, 2 HE, W x H x D: 106,5 mm x 84 mm x 132 mm


Small, but powerful!Although less than one litre in volume, our mini high-performance amplifier boasts two channels of 100 watts into 4 ohms each (50 W @ 8 Ω). Its state-of-the-art class D power blocks with passive cooling make sure that it will always keep a cool head. The DVM-194-AMP has an intuitive menu control incl. a high-resolution display. Moreover, the device is fully remote-controllable (standby/operation, DSP functions) and, via LAN interface, allows to monitor the operation status (temperature, clip etc.). The built-in DSP provides you with an input mixer, 5 fully parametric filters (incl. high- and low-pass function), a delay plus a level control for each output channel.Both channels of the input and output sections are equipped with EUROBLOCK connections. Optionally the 2-channel transformer unit DVM-194-100V is available. The ins and outs are realised via 5.0 mm EUROBLOCK connectors.The DVM-194-AMP offers the full scope of functions, the DVM-194-AMP-LITE only has level and muting controls as well as the remotecontrolled standby function.Advantages:Perfect integration into the SYSBOXX system - hence connection technology and device in one frameworkSuper high-grade components for daily use in the commercial and conference sectorIntuitve, easy operational concept - very suitable for untrained usersUltracompact design ¼-19“ x 2 HE (B x H x T): 106,5 x 84 x 128 mmPractical featuresApplication:Schools, auditoriums or public buildingsConference technology for all claimsStudio-/Live application
CARDINAL DVM Universal Speaker 8"/1"


DVM-SP0801 8"/1" High-performance SpeakerThe DVM-SP0801 is a compact, universal loudspeaker, equipped with a high-quality 8" heavy-duty neo dymium chassis and a 1" compression driver on a rotatable 90° x 60° CD horn.The integrated tripod flange, the four M8 flying points and the two possible monitor angles of 40° or 50° make the system extremely versatile, all the more so with the comprehensive accessory range, and underline the demands on a universal loudspeaker system. As a special feature the DVM-SP0801 is equipped with an additional SpeakON connection panel on the bottom side, which allows an easy cabling of the speaker even where space is scarce (e.g. on the speaker stand or on stage).The speaker is suitable for use in medium-sized venues or as stage monitor speaker, e.g. in club installations.Advantages:Detailed sound renditionCompact, light casingPassive, separate 8“/1“ Speaker SystemTurnable 90° x 60° hornMulti-function casing design2 monitor angle (40° or 50°)No system controller required4 SPEAKON connections16 Ω system impedanceU-strap receptable for vertical and horizontal clampsVarious M8 and M10 mounting holesMade in GermanyApplication:Speech transmissionStage monitoringTrade fair construction, conference technologyPermanent InstallationPA system, club
CARDINAL DVM PA-amplifier 2 x 720, 2 HE, W x H x D: 483 mm x 88 mm x 360 mm


There is a Brit in every German…at least when it comes to sound. While the CARDINAL is a German engineering product, it still sounds a little British, regardless of the required sound level: Spacey, fast, powerful, and extremely linear.Each unit has been manually constructed at our plant, and each assembly is tested several times before it can be installed. Before a CARDINAL Series is introduced on the market it is tested continuously for up to 14 months. This is one of the reasons why the audio amplifiers in the CARDINAL Series are considered to be extremely dependable and the purchase is rewarded with a 5 Year Warranty.As far as the variety of models is concerned, we are very conservative. All products have a consistently timeless and unobtrusive design that is favored in the business and across the borders. All product are designed to be very servicefriendly and can be technically upgraded for years to come. And you will not be “attacked“ by a supposedly revolutionary novelty every 6 months.CARDINAL DVM-A SeriesLinear, maintenance-friendly amplifiers for live sound with a performance of 2 x 340 W to 2 x 950 W (on 4 Ω). A solid high-end concept that perfectly combines the advantages of analog amplifiers and the light weight of switching power supply systems.Miscellaneous:Power at 8 Ω (RMS): 2 x 430 WPower at 4 Ω (RMS): 2 x 720 WPower at 2 Ω (RMS): 2 x 1060 WPower brided at 4 Ω: 1 x 2110 WPower input max.: 2.530 W
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