You can see the SC-ELEPHANT ROBUST SPM2440 cable. The background is pink, blue and green.

Specially for the tough everyday stage life …

we have considerably reinforced the jacket stability of the 4.0 mm² SC-ELEPHANT series. For when the crowd is going mad and the speakers are turned up full throttle, we do not only face heating minds, but also heating cables. Accordingly maximum performance in required from the cable - in this case a jacket as thick as an elephant skin can help. And a construction which – in addition to the stage-proof ruggedness and impact resistance - makes the cables highly flexible and easy to reel. A nice side effect of the customized jacket stability is the smoother jacket surface; the cable is less susceptive to dirt and thus easier to clean. Optimum conditions for a long life cycle and ideal for stage applications. And if a special wire stranding ensures a loss-free transmission to boot, the SC-ELEPHANT ROBUST is a perfect multicore speaker cable.

In particular for the popular speaker multipins (HI-LK008, NL8, NLT8, LKS25) the outer diameters of the SC-ELEPHANT ROBUST cable versions were adapted in such a way to enable an easy assembly. Well insulated and numbered wires further simplify the processing.

The SC-ELEPHANT ROBUST SPM2440 in the 24 x 4.0 mm² version is used primarily in the field of large-size line arrays or professional PA/sound reinforcement systems at major events. 12 amp channels can be transmitted simultaneously – and almost loss-free – to the PA system. More versions available.


Pascal Miguet
Product & Salesmanager / Authorised Signature

Speaker Cable Elephant Robust SPM2440; 24 x 4,00 mm²; PVC Ø 26,00 mm; black


Especially for the tough stage routine...we improved the jacket stability on the ELEPHANT series. Furthermore it is flexible, robust, tread-resistant, easy to reel and of course reusable time and again. Now the jacket surface is also smoother and thus easier to clean. And we have customised the outer diameter for an easier no-fuss handling with the common speaker multipins (CA-COM 8-pin, NL8, LKS19, EP5). A special mention goes to the Elephant Robust SPM2440, for it allows to carry 8 speaker paths to the array with only one cable.Advantages:Loss-free transmission due to the special litz stranding technologyHighly flexible and stage-proof, easy to reelCompatible with CA-COM 8-pin, NL8, LKS19, and EP5 connectorsEasy to use due to well-insulated, numbered wiresApplication:Professional PA systems
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