CARDINAL DVM is the cardinal solution for complete AV room designs in the professional conference and presentation sector. SOMMER CABLE  and HICON stand for high-grade connection technology in the audio, video and multimedia sector, which is why we are in touch with highly renowned AV engineers in this branch through these products. Time and again we were pointed to the fact here that in some installations the supplied connection technology, the signal management or the electronics from the competitors were not up to or far from the requirements as originally desired by the competent engineers. Their products were often not designed for durability or easy handling, but apparently “only supposed to do the trick“.

Design, ease of use and ruggedness came last, and little thought was spent on how the user would eventually get by with that tool. So in 2008 – supported by our inhouse engineers, well-known designers and OEM manufacturers and, of course, the media technicians as a baseline – we therefore started to develop professional products and custom solutions for the conference technology under the CARDINAL DVM brand. One focus of the CARDINAL DVM series lies on our ambition to make the sometimes very complex technology user-friendly, particularly for non-professionals and simple users. The products have a clear and timeless design, a lot of unique features as well as modern and reliable electronics and mechanics “Made in Germany“.

A picture of our active components and audio tools in a yellow background. The lettering “Series DVM-120” above it

Serie DVM-120

Professional tools for demanding musicians and studio engineers.

A picture of our HDMI tools for the installation and rental area in a yellow background. Above it the lettering “Series DVM-HD”

Serie DVM-HD

HDMI® tools for the installation and rental business.

A picture of our active components for conference and media technology in a yellow background. Above it the lettering “Series DVM-194”

Serie DVM-194

Compact active components for the conference and media technology.

A picture of our speakers for mobile applications and the installation in a yellow background. The lettering “Series DVM-SP” above it

Serie DVM-SP

Loudspeakers for mobile applications and indoor/outdoor installation.

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