Excelsior® - Handmade in Germany

The handcrafted EXCELSIOR® cable series by SOMMER CABLE  are 100 % "Made in Germany" and developed with a focus on the special requirements in the high-end sector. For the design of the EXCELSIOR® cable lines we draw on our ample technical know-how and our past experience in the professional broadcasting and studio sector. This means that the cables of the EXCELSIOR® series are thorougly tested and refined in sophisticated measuring procedures and listening checks prior to their market launch to thus ensure an uncompromising quality.

Currently you can choose between the two series EXCELSIOR® classique 1 in a noble burgundy braided sleeve composition and EXCELSIOR® BlueWater in an Ocean Blue design. More cable variants as well as other high-end ranges are already at the planning stage. An individual one-off production in (almost) any desired length – without custom length surcharge – is easily possible.

EXCELSIOR® - Sound - Image - Experience!

The Excelsior cable is shown. The background is in various shades of green and yellow.

Excelsior® Classique

Professionel cable series in a noble braided sleeve design for your hi-fi & home entertainment.

The blue Excelsior cable is shown large in the foreground. The background is in different shades of blue.

Excelsior® BlueWater

High-quality cable range in an attractive ocean blue design for your home hi-fi equipment.

You can see two elegant, black packages of Excelsior cables. One package is smaller than the other.

Optimally presented

An optimum product presentation is guaranteed by the attractive display package from EXCELSIOR®. It can be placed anywhere in the shop window, near counters or display stands and, owing to its silver embossing and a view to the high-grade cable, it’s always a true eyecatcher.

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