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Since 2001 HICON® has developed professional connectors and connection technology which, combined with SOMMER CABLEs, offers a vast range of high-quality connecting solutions for the media/conference sector, the studio & broadcasting industry as well as for mobile transmission paths.

  • with proven cable and connection systems from the pro A/V sector
  • Designed and made in Germany from a single source
  • Guaranteed safety and sustainability

With the cable series ERGONOMIC, AMBIENCE and MULTIMEDIA HICON® offers connection-ready technology for the demanding concert lover and cineast who does not want to do without the pure, original listening and viewing enjoyment at home, either. High-grade components need high-grade connections. For this reason we recommend you our connection technology which is already in use where sound and image are originally created, i. e. in the film/recording studio or at live broadcastings.

HICON® - Refresh your Connections!

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Quality connectors

HICON® offers a huge variety of high-quality connectors at reasonable prices.

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Hifi & Home-Cinema

Professionel cable series for your hi-fi & home entertainment.

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Point of Sale

Sales displays and information for the specialized retailer.

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