A collage of the different areas in the Sommer Cable company.


Since 1999 SOMMER CABLE  has been a worldwide supplier of cables, connectors, modules and connection systems. With a vast product range of over 20,000 items and modules we especially care about a fast availability and high product quality just like a friendly and competent customer service. Above all we want to help our customers to find the optimum solution that’s just right for a given purpose. To this end our development team is always working on new products and designs to meet current and future market requirements. We would like to thank our users for their great positive input

A picture of the Sommer cable meterware. Six cables are in the foreground. The background is white.

Bulk cables

A wide range of single, multi-channel and hybrid combo cables for most diverse applications.

A picture of a Sommer cable connection system against a white background.

Multi-channel and hybrid systems

Connection systems for your audio, DMX, video, fiber optic, ethernet and load applications.

Three of the Sommer cable connection cables are shown. The background is white.

Connection cables

...which we gladly manufacture in your desired configuration just-in-time in our partly automated production for you.

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