In the foreground is a large image of the SYSBOXX. The background is black.

SYSBOXX - Modular SYStems

Wall offsets, 19” rack distributors, floor boxes, desk connection panels, connection columns, high-quality trunking systems, from ultra-compact to several meters long - all things that would otherwise only be possible with a great deal of effort, CAD drawings and expensive custom-made products. This is now a thing of the past!

Thanks to a huge modular system, the SYSBOXX family can master all these challenges for you - without any major additional effort. There are no limits to the applications, whether event technology, media technology, integration technology, installation industry or broadcast - the SYSBOXX family meets all expectations!

Product benefits:

  • Time saving due to quick installation and setup times
  • Easy to assemble owing to pre-cut threads and a simple internal wiring with flat ribbon cables
  • Optimized electro-magnetic compatibility for functional safety
  • Compliance with the RoHS directive
  • Fine appearance due to counter-sunk screw heads and an attractive charcoal grey finish
  • Clean, individual labeling options
  • Clearly structured – only 6 different front panel widths
  • Fully modular (front, rear, side)
  • Compact construction (2 U base – even with LK150-pin)
  • High rigidity due to 2.5 mm / 0.1“ panel thickness
  • 5-year functional warranty
  • Absolute compatibility with DIN 41494 Parts 1, 2 and 5 for the integration of commonly available components (Ghielmetti, MHN, Kramer, etc.). 7 SU (subunits) equal 1 WU (width unit) on the SYSBOXX MKII. 19“ = 84 SU = 12 WU
  • Extra mounting levels in the 140 mm (5.5”) deep wall enclosure – ideal for installing transformers, electronic components, DIN top-hat rail equipment etc.

You can see a close-up of a Rack-Sysboxx.


You can see a picture of the SYSFRAME, a table connection system.


You can see an illustration of a black floor connection system


You can see a SYSWALL, a wall connection system. The background is light gray.


The SYSBOXX can be planned as a 19“ system, floor or wall box in variable width and height (DIN 41494) with 2 or 3 U front panels. The mounting level in the center of the enclosure allows a multitude of configurations.

The 19“ 1 U SYSPANEL offers an easy, compact construction of patch or equipment connecting panels, connection splitters and handover points; to be loaded individually and variably with quick-connection modules or single connectors.

The SYSDESK with strain relief and dust cover has a solid metal enclosure and can be loaded with 2 U SYSBOXX modules of max. 9 WU (63 SU according to DIN 41494). Optional push-to-lift and lock function.

The SYSFRAME with its space-saving, light-weight construction is flexibly loaded with ready-wired SYSWALL ClipIn modules, on and optionally also under the desk. Optionally available with cable management tray.

The SYSFLOOR floor box inset is available in 2 sizes with 4 or 6 width units, individually loadable with 2 U front panels, compatible with the OBO Bettermann floor box (round and square).

The SYSWALL system allows to install any network, control, multimedia and A/V connections in cavity wall boxes, wall ducts or switching systems as well as to all SYS-Module systems.

The SYSBOARD wall installation enclosure fits all SYSBOXX components. Due to the mounting level displaced backward by 100 mm (3.9“) the connectors may remain plugged even with the door closed.


Hands-on Video

In cooperation with Mothergrid, we have produced informative explanatory videos about our SYSBOXX system. We are pleased about the publication!


Build your boxx

Use our SYSBOXX configurator to customize your stage, rack or installation sytsem according to your requirements.



All housing profiles, front panels, side panels, special profiles and fully assembled modules can also be found in our online store.

Below you will find direct links to the additional articles mentioned in the hands-on video:

SYSBOXX accessories

Cat.6a patch cable S/FTP HIGHFLEX RJ45 RJ45, 500MHz


Even the curviest banana will be amazed …when the SC-MERCATOR CAT.6a highflex patch cable with only 6 mm [0.23“] in outer diameter and an extremely small bending radius of <20 mm [0.78“] is winding its way through narrow patch panels, data cabinets and touring racks. And this despite its sturdy, robust PVC jacket plus S/FTP design with a braided shield and AL/PT foil screen around the 4x2xAWG26/7 wire pairs. The overall construction is guaranteed to meet the CAT.6a performance up to 500 MHz. The TIA 568 B standardized ready-made C6AFU patch cable comes with ultra compact 25 mm [1“] short RJ45 connectors and 50 mm [2“] transparent shrinking tubes for individual labeling. The NEUTRIK NE8MX / NE8MX-B etherCON cable plug protection can be retrofitted anytime, ideal for the robust cabling of touring racks.
Variants from $7.13*
Hdmi® highspeed-cable with ethernet & arc, 4k 18g, 3,6mm | HDMI® A / HDMI® A, HICON


Slim fitThey can’t be made any smaller …Just the size of the HDMI contact surface: the super compact all-metal connectors made by HICON of the new HDMI® Ultraslim HI-HDSL series. The 100 % shielded cable with 3.6 mm (0.14 in.) in diameter has also undergone a slimming diet. In the lengths of 0.35 m / 0.75 m / 1.25 m and 2.0 m (13.75 / 29.5 / 49.25 and 78.75 in.) the feather-weight offers a performance of 18 Gb/s @ 60Hz and is thus the ideal solution for UHD camera applications. The unbeatable compactness and the non-slip plug design with a perfectly matched plug-in force make it an eyecatcher on every conference table. Even the hi-fi & home sector has already discovered the Ultraslim cable for the 4K60 4:4:4, Dolby Vision™, HDR, HLG and HEAC formats, because space in racks or cabinets is mostly very scarce here as well.For longer 18G transmission paths up to 100 m (109 yds.) Sommer cable recommends their robust HDMI® AOC ARMORED cable series called HI-HAOC.Advantages:Extremely compact - the cross-section of the connector corresponds to the HDMI mating faceOnly 3.6mm cable diameterGuaranteed bandwidth from 18Gbit/s up to 2m cable lengthVery low weightEasy to grip connector designExcellent plug-in torque with perfect fit in each socketMiscellaneous:HDMI Type A to HDMI Type A
Variants from $23.00*
Power supply IEC cable, 3 x 1,00 mm² | IEC mains socket / free end


After numerous requests we now also offer you a power lead and a 10 A/250 V extension.Miscellaneous:free end for cutting to length and DIY assembly of a Schuko or Powercon connector
Flat connector socket 1/4" (6,3 mm) with integrated lock, Tin plated brass-, 1/4" Flat connector socket-male connector, tin-coated contact(s), straight, max. 4 mm², grey


Suitable for all SYSBOXX Platinum modules, the new series from NEUTRIK® powerCON® and all all high-current versions of the NEUTRIK® speakON® ® series.Advantages:integrated lockingGood qualityBetter crimping resultsMiscellaneous:Isolation diameter max. : 5.1 mmCrimp cross section: 2.5 mm² to 4.0 mm²Maximum crimp range if more than one conductor: 5.4 x 6.2 mm
1U Hot Air Extraction Unit 19", 3 Axial fans, 1 HE, 1mm steel panel, black


A 19” panel is not just...a “piece of steel with holes in it”, but an important utensil for rack wiring in media technology and stage work. These panels should not just provide a decent cladding and an indestructible coating, but must also be constructed so they won’t give way or collapse when exposed to heavy strain and pressure.The front panels are made of black (PBS series...) or charcoal grey (PBA series...) powder-coated 1.2 mm or 2 mm sheet steel (depending on version). A U-profile on the top and bottom edges provides higher rigidity.The optional strain relief clamp (order number ZEPB) can be used to reduce pressure on the cables on the back. For labelling we recommend our writable magnetic strip (order number ZSPB) or number strip (order number NSPB...). The broadcast series (PBQ...) is new to our product line. It is made of 4 mm anodised aluminium sheeting, reinforced by a rear stainless steel bracket. The connectors are all fitted from behind (the panels have been milled off from behind for this). The SYSBOXX SYPS-03-MK2 labelling profile can be used for labelling. Of course, we can also produce custom models. Please contact us by fax or e-mail ( with details of your project.Advantages:ultra-flat and silent designcan be mounted between devicesmaximum 22.3dBa levelair movement 120 cfm or 203 m³/hMiscellaneous:incl. universal plug-in power supply unitoptional temperature sensor PBS1-COOLSdimensions: 44,5 x 483 x 120mm, 1,2kg
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